End of Summer Miles

I chopped off my hair!
I chopped off my hair!

I’m officially putting in some miles!  And it’s damn hard still.  But at least they’re getting done and I’m [slowly] starting to enjoy them.

Thursday I put in 2.5 miles, but stupidly I did it at 2pm.  I know better than to run during the summer at midday, but that’s when I wanted to lace up so I did it anyways.  I wanted to run about 6 easy miles, just enjoying the city and maybe the water.  At mile 2 I turned towards the water and realized there was no way I’d make it the mile there and the mile back.  It was too hot; too humid.  A little disappointing, but what are you going to do?

Unrelated to that, but I did do something!  I chopped off my hair!  I was going to go pixie cut but feared it might be too drastic.  Maybe next time…

I wanted to get up early and run today, but my lower intestine was threatening me with rumbles.  No way was I chancing putting myself in a situation like that.  I’ve never had that situation and I certainly didn’t want to start today.

It lasted through my entire (sweat infested) run!
It lasted through my entire (sweat infested) run!

Eventually (1pm), I decided I was ready to run.  Of course, another midday run. I figured out one way to put up my hair (woo – success of the day!)  And of course, again, did not properly hydrate.  I took it easy and stretched once I got to the lake… mostly because I wanted to take a picture or two.  I took it easy on the way back until I heard a man calling after me asking if I had change, which I hate.  No, I do not have change.  That kind of thing always puts a little jump in your step.

Stretching it out by Lake Erie
Stretching it out by Lake Erie

Then I found myself getting tired, so I took a couple of minutes to walk.  My PT said that if I start to get tired, take the time out to refocus and start over again.  Since I’m not racing until November, I have no reason to rush and push myself.  I want to make sure that come November, I’m able to run those 19 miles over 2 days with good form and injury free.  It’s kind of nice not having a goal, too.

I walked a couple times over miles 2.5 to 4.5, only a block or two.  Even if I wasn’t tired it was probably a good idea — I was so thirsty even puddles looked good.  Next time I’m bringing change for water if I’m not running with some.  It was pretty terrible.  But I made it home and put 5.11 injury free miles in.

I saw this on my run.  I love Buffalo.
I saw this on my run. I love Buffalo.

It feels good to get out there and run again.  It feels good to go run aimlessly based on how I feel.  I don’t have a schedule to follow.  I don’t feel guilty if I run 5 miles or run 1.  I don’t feel bad about myself if I’m pushing 7 minute miles or 12 minute miles.  I especially don’t feel like I’m any less of a runner for taking the time to get myself back to where I was.  And that feels great.

Two and a half months until my next race.  Nothing to worry about until then but getting my miles back.


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