Teaching Body Sculpt

I’m pretty thankful I scored a part-time job that lets me workout and get paid for it.  I’m also thankful that I can somewhat put my teaching background to use!

Tuesday night I taught my first class, not just subbing, but my first class.  It’s all mine!

I was a nervous wreck beforehand, enough to make myself sick (or maybe I’m actually getting sick) but I survived.  It wasn’t the greatest class, but it definitely wasn’t the worst either.

I’m so used to the 30 minute class right now, which is super fast paced, combination movements and a lot of cardio.  The hour class is a bit tamer – concentrating on one muscle group at a time, your heart rate doesn’t rise, and quite frankly I find it boring.

Today’s class?  I was bored by it and I was teaching it!

First thing, the class prior to mine didn’t finish up until about 6:33.  Now, if there’s a class immediately after yours, you’re supposed to stop at 5 minutes to the hour to pack up, let the other class get settled, so every class starts on time.  I was supposed to start at 6:30.  I was not happy to get a late start on my first class!

So all the closets and racks of weights were locked and I had to fumble with the key to get those open, then I had to fumble with the mic to get it to work (I have no idea what’s wrong with me), and finally we started by 6:40.  Whoops.

Overall, the exercises went about as fluid they could go with me doing it for the first time, somewhat trying to read off my notes, while trying to be encouraging and correcting form.  The class is going to be tough, there was a young girl (maybe 13?) with her Mom, both who did everything with incorrect form and didn’t correct themselves even when I called out what everyone should look like.  Then the others were basically 50+, with exception to my friend Cari.

Ay yi yi.  It’ll be a challenge to switch between my quick paced Monday/Wednesday class which is a really strong group and then an hour Tuesday class with an older, less strong group.  Good thing I’m always up for a challenge!


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Body Sculpt”

  1. I’m really happy for you and that sounds really fun. I can relate about changing gears. Through college I taught some workout classes and it was always a challenge because I would go from very high strung people one hour to the elderly aerobics class the next hour where I would have enough energy for everyone in the room LOL.


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