Getting Back in the Game

I still have yet to run a full 5k.  I don’t know if I am convincing myself that I can’t or it really is as exhausting as my body makes it out to be.  I actually haven’t even gotten back into running the way I thought I would and I’ve completely slacked on my physical therapy exercises.  I suck at being injured and recovering.

I did run about 2.5 miles on the treadmill Tuesday, however.  I made every effort to do it the “right” way, but it’s really difficult on a treadmill unless I’m running close to ten minute miles.  I have a pretty lengthy stride, but my cadence is always spot on: 180 to 182 steps each minute .  It just feels impossible on a moving belt if I’m running my comfortable pace (right now 9:00-9:15).

Running on the treadmill did not help my knee, either.  After Monday night’s pretty intense leg workout during body sculpt, the outside of my right knee bothered me.  Then the treadmill run on Tuesday made it worse.  So I took Wednesday easy (30 minutes of body sculpt) and completely rested Thursday and today.

But that’s okay!  Tomorrow is the Color Run.  I’m meeting up with a coworker and we’re going to run it together.  She says she’s about an 11-12 minute miler, so that’ll be great for me to get back into a fun, easy 5k while working on good form.  Unfortunately this weekend doesn’t help me much for the 10k I’m signed up for next weekend, but I suppose that race will prove what type of running shape I’m in mentally and physically.


I’m teaching mini sculpt on Monday, though!  A little terrified but I think I have a solid workout.  The plan is to test it out tomorrow afternoon.

But if I played my cards right and everything falls into place, that could change.  I was hoping I’d know today, but looks like I’ll find out sometime next week… and if the things I’d like to fall into place do fall into place, expect me to be very happy!

(Positive thinking.  Positive thinking.  Positive thinking.)

Editing to add what I can’t believe I forgot about!  I signed up to volunteer at my first ever race!  Fleet Feet Buffalo is sponsoring a 15k on Labor Day that I was really looking forward to running — it’s the same streets that the Buffalo Half runs through, plus I was looking forward to absolutely crushing my time from the Spring Forward Distance Run.  Obviously that’s out of the question, but when I saw the newsletter come out and volunteers were needed, I immediately sent the email.  Now I get to assist with race day registration.  At 5:45am.  Some people (let’s call them “non-runners”) will think this is absolutely insane.  I think this sounds like the second best way to spend the day next to running.  Plus, I get a shirt and access to the catered BBQ after party.  You can’t beat that, right?


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