Can’t Run… Might as Well Hike!

View of the gorge
View of the gorge

The best thing about the company I work for is the amount of paid time off I get and how relatively easy it is for me to get any day I want off, within reason.  Today was one of those days that my guy and I took off together and given the good weather we took advantage of it by heading out to Zoar Valley.  I was a little nervous because I’m still so sore from both the body sculpt class and my PT exercises (side planks plus clams are seriously killer thigh work!) plus the PT exercises have been hurting my knees, so climbing seemed a bit like a bad idea for me… but you know I wasn’t going to choose better judgment on a day like today!

I haven’t been to Zoar Valley since I was a child, but it was just as exciting as an adult.  We hiked to the top of the gorge before realizing there really wasn’t anywhere for us to go, but it was well worth the short climb.  The view was pretty breathtaking.

Oh, that's a really long drop behind me.
Oh, that’s a really long drop behind me.
Hey, the car was worth it. I think.
Hey, the car was worth it. I think.

It was about a 10 minute walk down to Cattaraugus Creek, but of course the walk wasn’t that simple.  We saw a rolled over car down part of the embankment that was completely deteriorated.  Of course, it’s off the trail and about 15 feet down a semi steep hill, but you couldn’t just look at it from the trail.  You had to go down to the car.  I’m brave so I went down first and I figured it best way was to squat down and bring my center of gravity close to the ground… but then I started sliding uncontrollably and my already short shorts slid up and I brush burned my butt all the way to the car.  I think the only reason I didn’t actually crash into the car was because there was a vine hanging from the trees and I did my best Tarzan impression by grabbing hold of it.  Hey, it worked.  But I’m paying for it now — it hurts to have anything touch my skin so basically laying and sitting even hurt.  Whoops.


Getting down to the creek was fabulous, though.  We walked pretty far upstream, waded through some small rapids, and went swimming.  It was the cleanest water I’ve seen naturally come through Western New York.  In fact, we filled up a water bottle with water and you couldn’t even see sediment inside!  We ran into a couple frogs (I refused to catch them, just touch them!) but that was the extent of seeing animals.

I can’t wait to go back again, especially because I completely forgot to grab any pictures of James and I.  The hike wasn’t too strenuous; I think the worst was wading through the water because you really have to balance and use your core.  Surprisingly, I’m completely wiped out after only a couple hours of actual walking.  It’s about 25 minutes past the beach I typically go to but way better in my opinion.  You don’t run into many people (we passed six people along the entire mile or so we walked in the creek), the water is so much cleaner than Lake Erie, and it’s beautiful.

Yep, my running shorts tan lines are never going away.
Yep, my running shorts tan lines are never going away.

Just… be careful with your shorts and buns.


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2 thoughts on “Can’t Run… Might as Well Hike!”

  1. Wow I’m a wee bit jealous of your ability to get off a lot of time at work. I can’t say I have that much success. I’m glad that you had a good time hiking. Hiking tires me out way more then running ever will honestly.


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