Today at Physical Therapy I…

… scaled the hood of my Honda CRV through the my open sunroof and into my car.

But more on that later.

Physical Therapy today went great, despite my $65 co-pay (don’t worry it’s $10 from here on out!)  My PT had a student finishing his residency with him who was taking care of my evaluation and assigning exercises.  It was a pretty interesting experience mainly because I don’t have pain anymore and only slight discomfort while running so a lot of the evaluation wasn’t based on pain.  I learned that basically my entire left side doesn’t have the same flexibility as the right.  My left foot barely reaches neutral when pushing up if I’m sitting and my big toe barely has any mobility on either food.  When I lift my left knee laying supine and while standing, I’m twisting my pelvis.  My hip flexors are incredibly tight.  My core is activated when moving, but not in full and I’m not breathing from my diaphragm enough (I should know better, I’m a musician!) Essentially, my pelvis and hip socket are not working separately and it’s causing a whole bunch of little issues that put me in this situation.

It was pretty awesome to be explained what’s happening, how we’re going to fix it, and hear that not only are they targeting my leg hip… but they are going to work a few of my weaker points while I’m there.  I’ll come back ready!  Actually the PT said once learning about my running ideas, “We will get you ready to run a marathon by October.” Haha!  You do realize I’ve taken an entire month off running, right?  Granted even though I have no intentions of running anything longer than a 15k by October (actually, I want to still run that in September), it’s nice to hear his optimism.

Now I’ve never had any PT before but I imagine a hip/groin injury may just be the most uncomfortable injury to have worked on.  After my evaluation, I had a light tissue massage.  Let me tell you, having someone massage your upper groin might be one of the most awkward things to endure.  I shouldn’t complain too much though, my doctor could have sent me to some old decrepit man, right?

After the massage, I felt so much better and I didn’t even know it was needed!  I can’t explain it well, but I just felt light.  Like something must have been holding my left hip back, keeping me from a full range of motion, something I didn’t even know was happening.

My exercises for the next few days (I return on Monday) are pretty simple.  My goal is to maintain a neutral spine and relax while breathing from my diaphragm and keeping my core tight.  I have side lying quad stretches (2 x 30 seconds on each side), kneeling hip floor stretch (2 x 60 seconds each side), clams (1 x 10 on each side, laying on side, raise knees as far as possible while keeping feet together and not rotating hip back — must stay pointed towards the ceiling), side planks on knees (1 x 10 seconds each side), then a combo of side planks with clams (2 x 10 each side).  Apparently, the combo isn’t something typical in a first session but it’s my goal because of my fitness level and what my goals are.  Works for me!

I’m still not cleared to run, but I am okay to spin and continue body sculpt.  Thank God, because I wasn’t about to stop that anyways (I’d whine and bitch and moan first!)  I actually did an hour spin after PT, but took it way easy.  Then the 30 minute body sculpt that I will be teaching in a few weeks, which killed me.  A lot of the members heard the previous instructor talking about how I’d be taking over and I felt like all their little eyes were on me and I was exhausted.  It helped push me through, but given PT, spin, and the fact that I’m not as strong yet as others kind of made me uncomfortable.  The instructor called for a higher bench than what I grabbed but whatever — I need to take care of myself.  Besides once I start doing this regularly I’ll have to be extra careful to not push myself too hard and get an overuse injury.  I just hope they like me!

Oh, and as far as scaling my car

I locked my keys in my car in the parking lot at physical therapy, which is at a gym on a busy road and I was there during rush hour.  People were walking all through the parking lot.  Thankfully my sunroof was open (usually I just have it tilted).  I saw the keys in the center console and only had one option: walk up my hood, step inside the sunroof, and slide down.  Then because my doors were locked and I was magically inside my car, when I put in my keys and turned the ignition my car alarm went off drawing even more attention to myself.

Welcome to my life.


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One thought on “Today at Physical Therapy I…”

  1. I would think a hip would be too. I’ve never had that sort of injury but it seems super awkward and I’m awkward to begin with. I’m glad you were able to get into your car. I’ve done similar things when locking my keys in…lucky for me I don’t have automatic door locks so they are able to bootleg pop it open if need be. (which there has been a need before).


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