Maybe That’s Why I’m Injured!

I finally got my butt to a body sculpt class tonight.  It’s about time since I’ve done a few trainings on what to teach, but I’ve never actually seen the class put together and I have to start teaching in September.  Finally everything made sense that I’ve learned and I hope I can put together an effective class if I can organize my ideas appropriately.  I really need to sit down and list exercises for each muscle group and combos that work well together.

Today’s class really put my fitness into perspective though.  As a runner, I know my quads are solid and so are my calves.  Most of my weight training was based on burpees and dips, sometimes light 3 lb free weight curls or lateral raises when I was feeling too tired to run but wanted a workout.  Despite not that much weight training, I have some definition in my arms and never considered myself weak.

Then I went to body sculpt.

We started with the light cardio warm-up.  Piece of cake!  I used 6 lb weights for practicing the other day and felt great, so I tried 7 lbs today.  We started with hammer curls and squats, then overhead extensions for triceps.  After our first set I had to move down to 5 lbs and I’m glad I did.  Basically every set we did with the weights pushed me just to my fatigue point on the very last rep.  We did lunges on a step and I’m not sure my legs have ever shaken that much by the time it was over.  I figured everything leg-wise would be easy.  I’m a runner, my legs are strong.  When we got to the mat work at the end, I realized why I’m injured.  My glutes are weak.  We laid on the mat and did leg raises with the toe pointing down for emphasis on the outer leg, then with our leg in the air we bent at the knee and extended again.  That wasn’t enough though, because then we repeated it and then pulsed.  And did it all over again.  I honestly had to stop after every 4-5 moves because the lactic acid in my leg built so quickly.  I’m not sore yet and my legs have felt more tired after a run, but during the class was the worst.

I have no idea how I’m going to instruct an hour of that.  I have to start going every couple of days or something to get my muscles prepped for teaching.  I don’t know how she made it look so effortless!  Hopefully by next month I’ll be there…

Speaking of “hopefully” — I ran from the house to the car today to avoid the rain and I don’t think it bothered me.  I was paying attention to it and didn’t notice anything other than tightness in my hamstring from the workout.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be running in a week?  I picked up my race packet for the race I couldn’t run today and am wearing the race shirt, but I kind of feel like a fraud.  Are there rules for these sorts of things?

And my last hopefully… I think I might go for the full marathon next May.  I have access to the gym to put the time in during the terrible winter days when I can’t make it out.  I’ll be building up my mileage again this fall.  I’m not jumping into it just yet for a commitment, but it’s the perfect timing for a marathon.  No long days during the heat, the weather isn’t great during most days so I won’t have other obligations persuading me to skip training, and I have the opportunity to build slowly and do it smart with the extra cross training and this PT starting now.  It’s a lofty goal but it’ll feel so good if I can accomplish it.  We’ll see how I feel about this in 5 months when I’m signing up.


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