Monday’s visit to the sports medicine doctor wasn’t as great as I hoped, but it wasn’t as awful as it could have been either.  Ultimately, he didn’t really confirm anything more than what I had self-diagnosed on the internet.

Essentially I could have:

  • tendinitis
  • an “overuse” injury because running and cycling are unilateral
  • stronger quads overpowering weaker glutes
  • bad running form
  • bursitis
  • tight hip flexors
  • inflammation

I do have tight hip flexors, which he believes is the source of my issues but he didn’t say much about how they got to that point or anything.  He recommended a running clinic (I’ve been looking for a good excuse to attend one!) and more cross training (apparently spinning and elliptical machines aren’t the right kind of cross training).  For now, I still can’t run and I have to go to physical therapy once or twice a week.  The PT that I’m going to see is actually a running specialist and he works with a lot of professional athletes and holds running clinics often.  I love the sounds of all of this.

Basically I’m reflecting back on all of those articles I “read” in Runners World which state how runners have weaker glutes, strengthen them, you’ll prevent injuries, etc. and kicking myself for not actually paying attention and practicing what I read.  Oh well.

I’m excited to work with somebody who’s knowledgeable in running, though.  I have a million questions that I’m going to ask.  I have three weeks of PT once or twice a week (he’ll advise me on that) and then I go back for a follow-up to see how I’m doing.  If it’s worse, we’ll do an ultrasound and it “could be” bursitis, but I’m doubtful.  I have no symptoms that are similar to bursitis.

This Friday I have to cross off another race… and another DNS, but this time I’m actually picking up my packet.  July 31st I have another race and hopefully I’ll get the okay to run it.  I’m eager.  I didn’t pay for these races for nothing!

In the meantime, I’m cross training my butt off.  Spinning, training, and body sculpt classes galore.  Come fall races, I’m going to have muscles in places other than just my quads and calves.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

3 thoughts on “Diagnosis…ish”

  1. I hope that you get better. It’s always nice to see someone more fa miler with running and I def hope that it strengthens everything and you are back to running soon. I know cross training will certainly maintain fitness, plus also could strengthen things!


  2. Weak glutes and overdeveloped quads were exactly what lead me to injure my knee last year. Doing physio changed my life! When I slack with the exercises, the pain returns, so I just keep doing them once or twice a week, even if I only get to do 15 min each time. Good luck!


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