Spin Instructor Official!

Officially employed!
Officially employed!

When I first started spin training, I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work out.  I loved taking classes, I’m outgoing, and I’ve gained a lot of confidence in front of people from my 6 years of music education classes… but was I going to have what it takes to put together a “good” spin class and ace the training?  My trainer said it takes about 6 weeks for the average person to make it through spin training, but she had a really awesome girl who already had experience and it took her about 4 weeks, but she’s also had people that need a little more encouragement and it takes them 8 weeks.  Where I was going to fit in, I had no idea.

Two and a half weeks of training and as of yesterday, I’m officially on the list for subbing.  I’m getting paid for this!

It’s funny because I started doing this because I needed the extra income just to be able to do things I want to do without stressing over paying my student loans, but also because I want to start saving for a wintertime vacation, and life in general.  The unpaid training bothered me when she told me about it, but once I started I didn’t care.  To be honest, I think I’d do it for free… I love it.

My first official sub class is actually this Wednesday filling in for my trainer.  It’s a half hour mini class geared towards beginners, and it kind of sucks because it’s 30 minutes away from me so I’m actually putting in more drive time, but I think I’ll just attend the hour class before for myself to make up for it.  This was the playlist I had for yesterday’s class but we had a few newbies so I couldn’t actually run through the entire list since I was setting up for the first 5 minutes or so.

Mini Spin playlist
Mini Spin playlist

[1] Warm-up/Stretching  [2] Intervals (in the saddle)  [3] Rolling Hills [4] Jumps [5] Sprints (out of saddle) [6] Climb [7] Intervals [8 & 9] Cool Down/Stretching

Now onto the next thing… I attended my first body sculpt training, but it’s tough.  I can’t actually take a class because of my hip/groin issue — a lot of the lower body movements cause minor discomfort.  I’m going to keep going to the training just to watch for now and since there’s a shift in training soon, hopefully by the time that gets sorted out I know what is happening with my injury and can go from there.  I hope I’m as successful at body sculpt as I am with spinning, but it seems to have a bit more of a learning curve (at least for me).

This Saturday I’m supposed to run my second 5k of the summer with my guy, but unfortunately I think I’m going to have to DNS this one.  I know if I wanted to run it, I could, but I wouldn’t be close to my sub 22 goal and I’d end up setting myself back in my recovery so what’s the point?  I am finally starting to feel even slightly better and that gives me hope, I don’t want to screw it up.  Plus, I can’t be too upset.  My Mom scored free tickets to Dierks Bentley this Friday and there’s a chance we will get backstage passes, we just won’t know until that night.  How can I be upset when this week I’m subbing my first spin class, going to see one of my favorite country artists for free and might even get to meet him?  It’s been a good week and it’s only Tuesday.  Besides, it might be kind of nice to cheer on James in his second ever 5k, his first in his new age group, too. I’ve never been on the cheering end of a race unless I’ve already finished so this will be a learning experience.

I just hope I get to run at least one of my races this month.  The Subaru 4 mile chase was going to be a lot of fun and I was really looking forward to it.  Besides, I’ll be pissed if I wasted $60+ on races I can’t even run.  At least I get clams on Saturday.

Dear whatever part of my body is actually injured, 

Please get better.  I have big plans for you.  If all you want is ample ice baths after workouts, I can do that.  Just heal, alright?  We’re breaking 22 together and I’d like to do it sooner rather than later.

Love always,

Well, off to test out this enchilada casserole situation.  I have a recipe, but I’m not very fond of it (sour cream layers, corn tortillas, ground beef, green chiles – can’t handle spicy anymore!) so I’m using it just as a guide.  Instead, I’m going to make my own with whole wheat tortillas, 99% lean ground turkey, Ortega sauce (so maybe this is more of a taco casserole?), Greek yogurt, rice, peppers… basically nothing that this recipe calls for actually.  If it’s a winner, well I know what I’m writing about next (clearly without having running workouts to blog about, I’m getting boring!)


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One thought on “Spin Instructor Official!”

  1. When I taught areobics it was seriously the best. I felt like…I’m really getting payed for this? I’m glad you are on the sub list and hopefully great things to come. Plus it’s such good cross training.

    I can’t wait to hear how the enchiladas came out. I’m in need for some Mexican recipes.


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