The Next Stage: Acceptance

I think I’ve finally arrived to the next stage in my recovery process: acceptance.  I’ve accepted that I’m injured, I’ve been taking the needed time off, and you know what?  I’m kind of okay with not running.  I still envy every single runner I see on the sidewalk or road, but I’m coping.

Today's :30 playlist
Today’s :30 playlist

I am on vacation (since Friday) and mentally I really needed it, but I nearly drove myself crazy during the day without anything to do.  I took my bike out (first cardio exercise since last Sunday) and tested out a couple paths to work since I really want to get on with the biking to work thing.  The biking didn’t aggravate my injury too much, thankfully.  The only time it bothered me was starting up again from the bottom of a hill and if I take the bike path way home, I can completely avoid that.  Then there was that time I nearly wiped out in front of about 20 cars and the leg I chose to brace myself and stabilize the bike was my sore one… of course.

After yesterday off, I taught half a spin class today (:30) and finished the rest with the other instructor.  The class went well even though I missed two cues, but that’s what I get for changing my ideas on the ride over to the gym.  Tomorrow I’m teaching a full mini-spin class (:30) but I get to work through the cool down and after that, I’m pretty much golden.  I’ll be subbing soon — officially group exercise certified in two weeks.  And I’ll be able to teach body sculpt in a couple weeks too now that I start the training tomorrow.

The good news (aside from being able to finally get paid for this) is the entire class flew by without me even feeling a twinge of discomfort.  I took it easy on the resistance a bit, but even being out of the saddle was fine!  It’s such a relief.

Here’s to a somewhat crappy June (although I did hit a lifetime PR in the 5k!) and a hopefully better July!


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3 thoughts on “The Next Stage: Acceptance”

  1. You’ll make it through this month. Don’t worry, you will come back stronger too. I’m glad you had such a good class and heing group certified (I was for step/aerobics) is seriously the greatest job ever.


  2. A life time PR makes up for a crummy month! And teaching a whole spin class tonight, that’s kind of major! I belong to the BAC but usually prefer the Women’s club. What club are you teaching at? I was planning to hit up one or two evening mini-spins tonight.


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