Foam Roll. Stretch. Ice. Repeat.

I gave in.  It’s break time.  Again.

I was never an injury prone runner.  In fact, I don’t think during my middle and high school years of running I was ever injured beyond shin splints… and basically everyone gets those at some point.  Now I’ve had three minor injuries in one year! First the arch of my foot (fixed with insoles), then my right groin (fixed with rest and ice), and now my hip flexor/groin/I’m not quite sure.

It stops hurting when I run.  I feel good after I run.  Then the next day, it starts hurting.  Clearly the answer is just keep running forever, right?   (I wish.)

After an hour of spinning and successfully teaching my first portion of a course to real paying customers, I lounged around on Sunday.  I did a little bit of core work and ended up on a 22 mile bike ride that afternoon.  Despite being exhausted, my hip and groin didn’t bother me much during or after.  When Monday rolled around, I felt okay but still a little sore and took the day off.  Come Tuesday, I had a noticeable limp and my groin constantly hurt as I walked.  I am so annoyed at this non-specific ache I feel.

I made an appointment with a sports medicine specialist recommended by two friends (one runner, one non runner) and the earliest they could see me was July 15th.  So I’m on a hiatus until then, or until I actually feel better.  My hopes are that like most times, I’ll make the appointment and mysteriously/magically feel better before it.  I do have a race coming up next Saturday which is likely going to be small and I’ll have a good chance at placing… and competitive me knows I’m going to race it regardless of what I do between now and then.  It’s definitely not in my best interest but… I like to race and I’m already injured… terrible, terrible, terrible ideas.

Since I’ve been on a running hiatus, I went to the gym with my guy and he taught me how to use some of the fancy weight machines.  Yesterday we worked the triceps.  Tomorrow I believe is biceps.  Hello toned arms and perhaps a stronger core once I return to running.  I even did yoga today for the first time!  I’m not sure how I feel about it because I like to get a real good sweat (not interested in Bikram) when I work out, plus lifting my left leg from downward dog put strain in the areas that are injured.

I guess taking a running break can be okay.  I get to take classes I may not have otherwise taken, concentrate on other areas of my body I’ve been neglecting, and hopefully all of this will make me a stronger runner when I do make my return.  I’m slightly over my angry phase (though I still look at runners when I’m driving and resent each step they take) but hopefully I’ll get over it soon.

It’s not the end of the world, right?


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4 thoughts on “Foam Roll. Stretch. Ice. Repeat.”

  1. It honestly sounds to me like something that will go away in a few weeks and not worry you again. (And I really hope that is the case!).

    I can’t believe it’s taking that long for an appointment but I guess that makes sense.


    1. I’m assuming it’s partially because I don’t have a doctor referral, plus it’s a specialist… but ugh. I hope it goes away in a few weeks, I’ve been struggling with it for about 3 already but I also haven’t taken time off running for it.

      But I’m 5 days into running rest and it hasn’t gotten better, maybe a little worse if anything. Humph.


  2. I’ve been struggling with that same area of my hip/groin. I’m frustrated. Pls let us know what the Dr. says. Rolling with a tennis ball does help (when I actually do it).


    1. I’ll have to test that out. I’m just so incredibly sick of limping around and being pain when I put on my pants, etc. 😦 I’ll definitely post about whatever the doctor says when I get to the appointment.


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