Track Workout #1 – Finished!

The first track workout of my 5k season is in the books!  It was hard – mentally and physically.  I get a little anxious over track workouts now because each one I’ve done has made me nearly throw up.  This one was no different.  I forgot to calculate my active rest periods too, so my mind was thinking “barely 6 miles” but it actually turned into “basically 7 miles”.  Normally that wouldn’t throw me off because I knew what I was running overall, but for some reason it did.

The workout consisted of a 2 mile warm up, and then speed intervals based off of my target 5k pace (7:00/mile) – 2x800m (3:14), 2x400m (1:37), 4x200m (:48), and 2 mile cool down.  In between each interval was active rest (“active” — I took it to a shuffle!) of half the distance of that rep.  

I finally aced my warm-up pace (success) and averaged 9:00, the perfect pace for me as far as warming up into speed work.

800m – 3:23.8 (6:36 pace)
400m – active rest (9:41 pace)
800m – 3:17.7 (6:33 pace)
400m – active rest (10:11 pace)
400m – 1:35.2 (6:16 pace)
200m – active rest (10:53 pace)
400m – 1:34.4 (6:11 pace)
200m – active rest (11:40 pace)
200m – :43.2 (6:06 pace)
100m – active rest (11:54 pace)
200m – :45.2 (6:03 pace)
100m – active rest (11:30 pace)
200m – :45.4 (6:03 pace)
100m – active rest (12:23 pace)
200m -:45.o (6:01 pace)
100m – active rest (21:04 pace – walking)

My cool down was the most painful thing after convincing myself to keep going into those 200m.  My legs were absolutely spent and I averaged 11:00 miles, but I couldn’t move my legs any faster.

Mentally, I’m proud of that workout because I usually find a way to cop out but this time I didn’t.  My legs were bothering me a little, but I fought through it because it didn’t feel like an injury type of pain, just a “why must you kill us with these track workouts?” type pain.  I’m glad I did, but once again I woke up with my groin feeling completely strained except this time, it’s the left side instead of the right.  What gives, body?

I had my first spin training today!  I have no idea how I’ll incorporate as much running as I’d like with still having a life and doing this spin training – it’s at such an awkward time for me.  It takes 30 minutes to get to the location I’m training at, and I have to get there between 6:30 and 7:00.  I suppose as long as I’m not trying to do a track workout, the time shouldn’t be an issue if I plan accordingly… it just sucks because I wanted to concentrate on strength training Tuesdays since there’s a group that meets, but it almost seems like that should be my track day and Thursday as a tempo.  Maybe I’ll just start tacking tempo miles in the middle of my long runs (which I really need to get back into).  Last resort would be staying after the training class and putting the miles in on a treadmill at the gym — yuck, it’s way to beautiful outside to be doing that.

This is all silly.  I should just let runs happen as they do.  I kind of hate that I’m motivated by goals… I almost don’t have a drive to run unless I have a goal I’m working towards.  I have to fix that or this summer is going to stress me out with me trying to plan which runs when.

Time to make my own spin playlist to test out for training on Monday!  I’m pumped!  My teaching skills (and loud voice) paired with my musical knowledge is going to make me some bangin’ playlists for classes.


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2 thoughts on “Track Workout #1 – Finished!”

  1. Your legs should feel spent after that workout. You should not care in the absolute slightest what that pace is with the cool down but it was one of the most important parts. When I don’t cool down from races, I literally am sore for twice as long afterwords. I wish I had realized that a long time ago LOL.


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