I’m Ready for Another Run…

… right after I digest this pizza.

This weekend was possibly the best I’ve had in years and even if I weren’t dealing with the annoyance of a slight injury, I don’t think I could have fit in a run.

I don't have a kitchen table or coffee table... so I turned my end tables into my seafood feast table.
I don’t have a kitchen table or coffee table… so I turned my end tables into my seafood feast table.

Friday night consisted of the most amazing dinner I could have asked to have cooked for me.  Crab legs, clams, and a full lobster with a nice glass (or two) of probably the most expensive whiskey I’ve ever purchased.  I didn’t think it was possible, but towards the end of this dinner I was actually getting tired of seafood.  James gave me a Shiatsu back massager (heaven) and CEP compression socks (!!), which I’m completely excited about.  I think I’ve worn the socks everyday for at least an hour and I haven’t run yet, I’m just that excited over them.

Saturday I cooked (yes, I cooked) french toast with my 12 grain bread and it was surprisingly delicious.  I’m very proud of that meal.  Unfortunately, it was a bit too filling and I couldn’t eat much the rest of the day.  Normally this wouldn’t have been an issue, but we were supposed to go to the Ridge in the afternoon for his family party.  Family party = lots of food.  Now is probably where I should mention this family party wasn’t for his family — he and my Mom threw me a surprise party!

Talk about shocked.  I’ve never been thrown a surprise party before and I was just really overwhelmed that they put that much thought into my birthday.  It was a pretty awful day outside, but I was too floored to even care about what the weather was like.  We ended up having so much food leftover, people took a lot but it still left me with a gallon sized bag of pasta salad and about 8 slices of white pizza.  Oh, and an entire almond ring to myself because that was attached to my Grandma’s card.  This is the fullest my fridge has looked in months!

And yesterday, I indulged in bottomless mimosas at brunch after the Allentown Art Festival.  Usually bottomless mimosas consist of a terrible ratio that is something like 92% orange juice and 8% Champagne, but these mimosas… whew.  The ratio was probably reversed.  My Mom had a similar experience with her bloody mary’s, so we both took a nice afternoon “sleep it off” nap.

See what I mean?  No way was I getting any exercise in this weekend!  Now it’s Monday and I’m still trying to finish this pizza and pasta, my goodness.  But I think I’m ready to get back out this evening and go for a run.  I’m not sure how far I’ll go but I want to see how it feels.

In exciting news, my training schedule might change a bit this summer!  I just had an interview this afternoon for a part-time job with a local gym for a spinning and fitness instructor.  Good news — I got it!  The interview wasn’t even an interview though, I got the tour and basically she told me how training works and what I’ll be doing.  I’m going to start with spin training since I’m most comfortable with it (plus it’s the only one to fit into my schedule) and hopefully by the end of July I’ll be subbing classes and training for another type of class (kickboxing, pilates, and/or yoga!)  It kind of sucks that the training isn’t paid, but I can’t complain that I get to attend whatever classes I want for free and eventually I’ll be getting paid to do something I love, hopefully inspiring other people.  Plus, who wouldn’t want a part-time job that allows you to advance as quickly or slowly as you want, and work as much or as little as you want?  Subbing across 10 different locations should provide a lot of opportunity for me, too.  I can’t wait!


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5 thoughts on “I’m Ready for Another Run…”

  1. I saw they threw you a party. That is seriously so exciting and I’m so happy for you.

    That mean really sounds incredible. So much seafood you were getting tired of it? Oh my lanta! Glad you had such a great birthday!


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