I Don’t Want to Be Sore!

I took three days off after Monday’s fast run that left me sore. I spent two of those nights with ice down my pants. By Thursday, I felt better. It didn’t hurt to lift my leg to go upstairs.

Awesome! I went out for a run Friday morning because what else would I rather do on my birthday and a day off? Hint: nothing. I’d rather do nothing else. (Except eat my seafood dinner of crab legs, clams, and a lobster.)

So I set out for my run. My legs were stiff and tired which I expected because I didn’t even cross train in those three days. The run actually really sucked the first mile. Nobody likes a sluggish run, buy hey, I was running pain free!

Wait, what’s that groin? Oh, are you really starting to feel sore right now? As my legs finally start to shake the few days of rest off? Okay.

I kept going but as I rounded the next half mile, the soreness stopped being every few steps and turned into each time I projected my right leg forward. So I stopped.

I used some KT Tape, but I’m terrible at applying it and it never sticks totally. I’m planning to ice the next couple days and test it out again? Maybe? Ugh. I’m so frustrated. I just want to run.

On the bright side, my awesome boyfriend thought of my running love and got me CEP compression socks and a back massager for my birthday. I don’t ever want to take these socks off or move this massager from my back. Ever.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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