Budgeting 101: Meal Planning

Meal planning seems to be “the thing” to do now, at least it seems that way from every blog listing meals for the week, pictures of Tupperware dishes stacked high, and full refrigerators every Sunday night.  I always admired people who could take a trip to the grocery store on a Sunday (that in itself is the worst — absolute chaos!) and pick up all these foods they need for their meals in the week, then come home and actually cook things.  It’s hard enough for me to put away my groceries (or laundry, or whatever else that I bring in through my apartment door), let alone cook right away.

I’m not about to start meal planning to lose weight or because I make bad choices when I don’t have something ready to eat in my fridge.  For the most part, I make pretty good decisions on the fly about what I eat based on the fact that good food provides a good workout for me, and good workouts set me up for success.  I don’t particularly like sweets (except Nutter Butter cookies — I love Nutter Butter cookies!) so I don’t have to battle that demon, thankfully.  But mostly I have to start planning because I’m on a budget and I’m on a budget because being a responsible adult sucks.  Go away, student loans, go away!

So, June 10th – 16th is my first go at this planning thing.  I like making lists but I hate following them and since the Mister and I tend to make some meals together, I’m sure this will shift a bit… but he’s on board too!



  • Peanut Butter and Jelly (can’t go wrong!)
  • Salad (as a side, I rarely feel fulfilled from salad as a main meal)
  • Tuna Melts with tomato
  • Dinner Leftovers


If all goes as I plan (and this weekend is my birthday, so my plans aren’t really going to be my own anyways), I’ll brave the crazies on Sunday for shopping at Wegmans.  I definitely will not be cooking all these things ahead of time. I am not that ambitious.  I am however, excited to be ambitious enough to use a shopping list (something I have never, ever done) on the Wegmans app and website.  Just a quick tally for the week puts me around $70, though some of the items are priced at a pound ($12/lb of pecorino romano cheese) and I will not be buying a pound.  Plus some of this is a one time purchase (paprika, nutritional yeast) and some will be left over (tortillas, extras from dinner that I freeze).  Hopefully this works out and saves me money, even if it stops me from going to Wegmans a couple times a week for a $10 lunch I’m happy!

If you have a favorite recipe, send it along!  Pretty soon I’ll be out of new and exciting ones, especially breakfasts!  These eggs have been my breakfast of choice for two weeks now, I’m bound to get sick of them soon.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

3 thoughts on “Budgeting 101: Meal Planning”

  1. I am the same way. I have never understood how people come plan all their meals on Sunday and be good the entire week. I mean sure I get the whole principle but honestly I’d rather just make it the same day..I also don’t really have a problem eating on the fly and make time to make meals so I guess that is just me.


  2. I’m with you on Quinoa. I’m trying to love it, but it’s, well, not love. It’s a complete protein, so I’m trying. I guess I’ll google some recipes. Thanks for the ideas!


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