Summer Races

I think I finally solidified my Summer of running in terms of races!  I’m so excited!

Since I’m trying to save money for a tropical February trip, I’m not signing up for as many races as I’d really like.  With these circumstances, I’m being really, really picky as far as which ones I choose.

  • Friday, June 21st – St. Gregory the Great 5k
    • I love weeknight races and I’ve always heard great things about this post race.  1200 people ran/walked it last year!  It’ll also be my first race jumping into my new age group.  As of this Friday, I’ll (sadly) be a part of the 25-29 age group.  I’m only sad because it seems that around here the 25-29 and 30-34 age groups are much more competitive.  Time for me to either get faster or choose smaller races if I want to place!
  • Saturday, July 6th – Independence Run and Claim Bake 5k
    • Other than what I’ve read online and the fact that I love the XC invitational in this town, I know nothing about this race.  It appears to be its first year so I’ll try not to judge too hard.  I love clams.  James loves clams.  Could there be a better 5k to run together?  At the finish waits an ice cold beer and half dozen clams.  Perfect!  James thinks he can sweet talk some nice volunteer into giving him another half dozen… ha!  If he does, I hope he knows he’s sharing.
  • Friday, July 19th – Subaru 4 Mile Chase
    • I happened to run by this event last year because it’s right near my apartment and wondered how I could have missed such an awesome looking race that close to me.  Needless to say I was upset I missed it and vowed to run it this year.  It was $10 because I’m a first time runner, too!  It’s another huge race at over 1100 people last year and I have absolutely no chance at placing because for some ridiculous reason people from everywhere (literally – Kentucky, Ethiopia, Toronto,  Oklahoma, Kenya) run it and the top three in almost all women age groups are averaging 5:30 or so minute miles.  That aside, it looks like a great after party (I love after parties!) and it’s in my favorite part of the city.
  • Saturday, August 24th – Tops 5k/10k
    • I ran this last year as my 10k race during my half marathon training.  It was a terrible race for me and I had the worst cramp after the 4th mile, but overall I loved the atmosphere.  The course was boring, but flat and the goodie bags we got prior to the race was probably the best I’ve ever received with registration.  I haven’t signed up for this yet, but both James and I intend to run it.  He wants to run a 10k just to say he has (I swear, he’ll be bitten by the running bug sooner or later, even if it kills me!) and I want to crush last year’s time and all the silly 10k PRs I’ve had in 15k+ races.
  • Monday, September 2nd – Fleet Feet 15k
    • Ever since the Spring Forward Distance Run, I’ve been hoping for the chance to run another 15k.  What a great distance – 9.3 miles!  About 500 people ran it last year and from the looks of the results, I have a very good chance at placing in my (new) age group.  It also helps that the race starts downtown and I absolutely love running in the city, even more so when cops tell cars they can’t park anywhere and block all the roads off for me.  I’m not signed up for this yet either, that’s coming next paycheck!

Of course, there’s always the chance that I’ll be sitting at work thinking about what kind of run I want to do in the evening and I’ll find myself on Buffalo Runners to see if there are any races that night.  It almost happened on Friday, actually!  And if this is all the racing I do this summer, that’s okay too.  In the fall, I’m looking towards the Dirt Cheap Stage Race again (finally) and probably will do some local ones.  I’ve never been much of a fall race runner, plus I spent all of November in NYC last year so I didn’t have the opportunity but I want to change that this year.  I’m not considering signing up for a half marathon like I originally thought just because I’m really energized and into thinking about the shorter distances while still increasing mileage.  It’s not because I don’t think I could run another one in the fall, because I know I can, I’m just not sure I want to dump $75 into one big race again.  But that’s what I say right now; talk to me in the Fall.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

One thought on “Summer Races”

  1. All your races seem pretty fun. I personally really enjoy cross country style races myself. I would enjoy doing them more than road races. I’m in desperate need to run a fastish 5k on road though and update that. I do agree about 15ks. I’m super bummed that we didn’t know each other then-that would have been so fun to meet up. Anyways good luck this summer!


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