Training and Diet

I’ve always been incredibly lean.  I’ve dealt with the “Do you ever eat?” comments and the eating disorder jokes for the majority of my childhood and teenage years.  Yes, I eat!  Of course I eat!

In high school, I never paid attention to my diet and maintained the lower end of what’s “healthy” without trying due to my sports.  In college, I tried to eat healthy but didn’t really care much, didn’t work out, and ended up happily gaining 10 lbs a year after graduation.  I was happy with not being a stick, but I wasn’t eating healthy and I wasn’t working out.  When I finally started running again, I starting dropping weight back to high school weight but was gaining muscle so it didn’t reflect.  Now I’ve incorporated healthy eating and my body fat % went down (which I’m okay with — hello abs!), my muscle has increased, but my weight is a couple lbs less than high school and I am not happy about it.  Granted, I weighed myself today for the first time in over a month and it was after working out so the loss could be due to sweating everything out.  I’m mainly focusing on the other facts on the scale – water weight, muscle weight, and body fat than actual weight but it kind of gave me a bit of a wake-up call.

I need to incorporate more protein into my diet and continue with strength training.

I’m almost vegetarian on accident.  It’s not that I don’t like meat, I just prefer meals without it.  Eating an entire chicken breast as a main dish isn’t something appealing to me.  Eating any meat as a main dish is really not appetizing, to be honest.  I’m like a child.  Please cut my meat into bite size chunks and hide it within the rest of the meal.

An average week for me consists of eggs or bagels for breakfast, depending on if I have anything pre-made and what day it is.  This week I started preparing mini egg muffins with broccoli, spinach, or other veggies.  It’s super quick and easy to store and it’s perfect for me to grab for work and heat up there.  Plus, much healthier than my bagel and cream cheese (mmm, Curly!)  For lunch, it’s typically leftovers or a Wegman’s sub.  For dinner, it’s pasta, sides of salad, burritos, or homemade pizza.  This week consisted of enchiladas with rice, black beans, chicken, tomatos, and onions for a couple lunches and a dinner.  I also had homemade salmon burgers and salad with tons of veggies.  Besides that it was Memorial Day food, Naan with roasted veggies, and tonight’s Stoffer’s French Bread Pizza.

Clearly, my diet is lacking enough protein for a runner increasing mileage, pace, incorporating cross training, and strength training.

I texted my boyfriend after this discovery and received a response of how he’s been waiting for this day.  Thankfully we share similar interests as far as eating.  We desire healthy and organic eating (him because he wants to stay healthy, me because if I don’t eat healthy I don’t run as well… I’m a little backwards) and he loves to cook.  Basically it’s a win-win for me!  It’s time for me to get over the fact that I don’t “like” eating huge portions of meat and there are other foods to eat that aren’t fruits and vegetables.

What are some typical meals you like to make?  Send me your favorite runner-friendly recipes, please!


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2 thoughts on “Training and Diet”

    1. I absolutely LOVE Wegman’s! Not many people are familiar with it unless they’re from this way 🙂 And yes, it’s fabulous to have somebody cook for me. It caters to my laziness, but sometimes I appreciate returning the favor, hehe.


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