Almost Refreshed

Almost to Allegany!
Almost to Allegany!

I’m unhappily back from camping while everyone else is still there for one more night.  This would be unfortunate result of dating a coworker who has the same job duties, in addition to being a nice person and not wanting to give my coworkers a miserable busy Monday with the two of us off.  I have to say, it was incredibly relaxing to have absolutely no service on our cell phones so there were no distractions from the “wired” world.  The only way to receive service was if we went on the outside of the campsite to go fishing and even then, the only way I was getting service is if I really wanted it.

I ended up biking 15 miles over the course of the trip and didn’t run once.  I think it’s better that way, anyways — no matter which way I left our cabin I would either run entirely uphill first and then downhill, or entirely downhill first and then uphill.  The biking was enough to kill my legs for the day, I definitely did not need anything more.

Aside from a couple scenic bike rides, the weekend was spent eating relatively healthy (completely proud of myself on that), drinking, fishing, flicking little black bugs of my body, and collecting firewood (because I like to create big, hot, fireball-esque fires to play with).  I re-discovered my love of cherry whiskey (Phillips Union!) which mixes really fabulously with water and crushed ice.  Unfortunately, it’s really easy to fill up 3/4 of your solo cup with liquor and the rest water, but not taste it because it seriously tastes like candy.

I caught a fishy!
I caught a fishy!

We met some ballsy raccoons last night, but that was the extent of our wildlife visitors despite being along the area bears travel.  These very well-fed creatures popped up onto our porch despite no food being outside at that cabin and basically just looked at us as though we were intruding on their time.  They were about 25-30 feet away from us, but when we shined the light on the one he took a few really quick steps towards us… Uhhh no buddy, you’re cute and fluffy but please do not do that.

Now I’m relaxed, but can’t wait to go back for an entire trip.  We’re looking at the last week in September which would be absolutely gorgeous with the trees changing.  This time, I also won’t plan a goal race in the immediate week following the trip.

I’m absolutely ready to finish this training cycle: 6 more days.  I think for this final week I’ll do 5-6 miles tomorrow, resting Tuesday, a few goal paced miles on Wednesday, resting Thursday/Friday, and a shakeout mile or two on Saturday.  Let’s go!

One of my favorites from last night outside the campfire.
My favorite fireside picture from last night.

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One thought on “Almost Refreshed”

  1. Glad your camping was enjoyable and how nice for you. I bet it would be super nice in September (granted it isn’t one of those freak winters that starts that early ha ha). Good luck at Buffalo and in your final taper. 🙂


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