In Honor of Mother’s Day

It was completely dark over my apartment, but lovely in the south!
At my apartment, completely dark outside and hailing, but lovely .5 miles away.  Go figure!

I live in an apartment with paper thin walls.  My bedroom wall is shared with my neighbor’s bedroom wall.  Do you see where I’m going with this one?  Despite not setting an alarm and going to bed after 1am, an 8:30 wake-up call was still what I received.  Who knows, maybe today she’s trying to become a mother.  On the bright side, it got me out of bed and ready to run even though the weather here was something crazy outside.  Even still, I hopped in my car and trekked to Chestnut Ridge hoping for something better than hail.

I ended up running the “Mother Hill” today in honor of Mother’s Day.  To be honest, it wasn’t exactly my intention but it was there and I was on my run, so I tackled it.  As I ran up, a woman walking shouted, “You go girl!” and eventually when I made my way back down her husband said, “Impressive!”  I just laughed and told them I was trying, though I probably could have come up with something wittier.

Today's 9 miler elevation
Today’s 9 miler elevation — check out that Mother Hill!

Unfortunately for today’s run, I forgot to charge my Garmin after using it for over two hours yesterday on the bike ride.  No big deal, I’ll just use Map My Run; at least I have my music.  Oh, wait.  I forgot my headphones at home, too.  Talk about a terrible start to my first long run alone in months.

The run was painful (don’t drink an entire cup of coffee within 30 minutes of running = cramps) but I fought through it.  It was basically a huge mental test.   Plus, I forgot about how much the hills destroy my quads and the fact that you simply cannot have a nice, easy run at Chestnut Ridge.  At least I have two weeks to recover these babies before the race!

1/3 of the way up "Mother Hill" looking down.
1/3 of the way up “Mother Hill” looking down.
1/3 of the way up "Mother Hill" looking up.
1/3 of the way up “Mother Hill” looking up.
2/3 of the way up "Mother Hill" looking up.
2/3 of the way up “Mother Hill” looking up.
2/3 of the way up "Mother Hill" looking down.
2/3 of the way up “Mother Hill” looking down.

After the run, I took some Tim Horton’s to my Mom and her Mother’s Day card to work.  Even though we celebrated at the Bob Seger concert a few weeks ago, I couldn’t not give her something!  I had to laugh at the card because like mother, like daughter — we’re both complete smart asses.  The outside had a child farting “E=MC2” and the inside said, “Happy Mother’s Day, from your smart ass kid.”

Three generations: Grandma, Myself, Mom  (Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan, Summer 2013)
Three generations: Grandma, Myself, Mom
(Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan, Summer 2013)

My Mom has always been my rock.  Even when I didn’t want her at some event, she was there.  All of my track meets, even the invitationals where I spent the entire Saturday at some school in the middle of nowhere, not sure of an exact time I’d even be running… she was waiting, too.  Not only would she support me in all my meets, she cheered on every single girl on the team, even the ones she never met.  If I wasn’t running, she was taking me to flute lessons every week and calming me down for all of my auditions, then waiting for two hours for results to be posted.  And even after high school, she was still there for everything.  Preparing so much food for my graduation recital, driving all the way to Fredonia (about an hour away) for every concert she could, helping me move in and out of every dorm room and apartment, even help clean two semester’s of grossness out of each of those places… she’s simply amazing and my best friend.  I don’t even know how she managed to work a full-time job, basically cart me around full-time, and pay for all the expenses I cost her over the years.  I hope that when I’m a mother, I am able to be as strong, caring, and supportive as she was for me.  Honestly, I could write a book about how grateful I am to call her my Mom… but if I started, I might not stop.

Now I’m on my ass thinking about cleaning my apartment, but actually watching The Biggest Loser — it’s now the start of season 11 for me.  Something about this show sucks me in and completely inspires me.  Thank you Roku for completely killing my day by giving me entire seasons of TV shows to watch.


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