I Workout for Crepes

At least this morning, I did!

I don’t know what happened to the beautiful 80 degree weather we’ve been having in Buffalo, but it was nowhere to be seen this morning.  It was 50 degrees when we decided to leave to bike to Break ‘n Eggs Creperie (nom nom nom).  I was more than prepared for 50 degree weather — Under Armour spandex pants, Nike t-shirt, Under Armour Base 2.0 Layer, and my light Columbia jacket… but I forgot the most important item… gloves.

You see, I haven’t biked outside in probably 10 years (aka when my friends and I got licensed) and I certainly wasn’t biking 16 miles then, nor when it was colder than 70 degrees.  I kind of forgot that you’re going faster than running and therefore the wind is a wee bit chillier.  The first couple miles of that bike ride sucked in that aspect, but eventually I warmed up and wished I didn’t have so many layers on.  Hello, boob sweat (I can’t be alone in hating this).

Break ‘n Eggs was delicious (as always), though I really wish the wait was either shorter (30 minutes today) or there was ample waiting room space.  Unfortunately, their location doesn’t offer a better option for them.  I forgot to take a picture of today’s crepe (sausage, red peppers, spinach, and goat cheese) so you’ll have to enjoy a picture of my first crepe – sausage, cheddar, and spinach.

Crepe #1We took a different route home which was just over a mile longer and it was a busier street.  It worked out great because it was a relatively steady ride since the lights are green longer due to busier traffic and we didn’t have to stop at nearly each intersection.  On the downside, the sidewalks are rather terrible because honestly, who’s walking down Sheridan Drive?

I had assumed 16 miles or so of biking with a long break in between couldn’t be that difficult before we left.  I spin 18-20 miles in an hour class without exhaustion and have no issues with a 2 hour run in the morning, so how could a casual bike ride exhaust me?  Ha, ha.  I am exhausted.

I’ve laid on the couch since the ride and quick trip to the store.  I took a brief nap.  I’ve barely moved. I don’t know which part of the ride made me so exhausted.  I still haven’t quite figured out the gears and I’m sure I’m putting in more effort to go a decent speed because it’s a mountain bike.  I now understand why the guy at Dick’s tried to convince me to spend the extra $100 to get a comfort or road bike.  I vaguely remember him saying I’d end up using a lot more effort to bike longer distances if I chose the bike I did.  Whoops, sorry dude.  I should have listened.

Now I’m a little sad that I didn’t get this bike sooner… I’d love to do the Ride for Roswell at the end of June but I’d probably end up paying the entire $150 donation to get in on my own since it’s so close.  Hmph.  The only thing stopping me is that $150 is about 6 summer 5k’s… And I’m still convinced running > biking, unless of course it’s to go to breakfast.  I can shovel my face and bike, but running doesn’t give me that luxury.



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