“I’m a runner, but you can’t see my leg muscles”

Somebody searched Google with that phrase and landed on my blog. Whoever you are, that made my night. And also, I’m sure we can see your leg muscles.

Spin class.
Spin class.

I took Wednesday officially off and went spinning yesterday, which I haven’t been to in forever (okay, like two weeks). It was exactly what I needed… Fantastic music I’d never listen to in real life (80s break dancing?) paired with purposeful climbs and sprints = happy Brittany.

(Side note: I seriously hate spin classes where the instructor does sprints just because their song is fast and it’s for the chorus. Choose your song to go with the goal of the workout. Give me a climb with purpose, or utilize the positions according to purpose, nothing should be “just because” or on a whim!)

I was going to go back again today but it was cloudy, rainy, and muggy. That combination is my favorite weather to run in, right next to bright, sunny, and muggy.

Yes — I love to be in humidity. Call me crazy, it’s okay.  I also despise air conditioning.

Waterfront Village.
Waterfront Village.

We had some severe thunderstorms and even a couple tornado watches and warnings in the county over, but once that passed I had to go outside. I wasn’t sure how the run would be because I lazily did some free weights and core work in my apartment; it ended up as well as could be expected for not being prepared. I had a cramp in my side (drink more water, Brittany) and the wind was blowing at my face the entire time I was downtown. I turned around in front of my work (who even runs to their work on a Friday, anyways!?) and took what I thought was a pretty picture. It started to drizzle but never picked up and I headed home. It was brief, simple, and just what I needed. Plus the last song to play was “Champagne Showers” by LMFAO. Isn’t that just serendipitous?

Tomorrow is likely another cross training day, unless I take a short run (maybe speed?) in the afternoon. The boy and I are headed on our bikes (!!!) to get crepes. I haven’t ridden a real bike since I was about 15 so I’m a little nervous, plus it’s about 8 miles away. There’s a good chance I won’t be walking right for the next day afterwards.

That being said, if any of you venture out the Buffalo way, you must check out Break n’ Eggs Creperie. You won’t regret it.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

One thought on ““I’m a runner, but you can’t see my leg muscles””

  1. I wish I was heading towards Buffalo. I love any and all breakfast places.

    I don’t mind running in the humidity in New York state but in VA, it is so unbearable…I can barely breath it’s so heavy after like 7am. Good luck with your workouts today!


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