Running Presents = Great Runs!

Monday’s are always better when you get presents in the mail, especially running presents!

May Stridebox!
May Stridebox!

It’s my first Stridebox shipment!  It might be the best $15 I’ve ever spent on running.  Hell, the shoe holder thing itself (to keep your dirty shoes hooked onto your bag instead of inside getting all your goodies dirty) retails for $15!  Don’t even get me started on all the great fuel items I’m going to test out over the next three weeks.

I’m particularly excited for the water bottle cleaner thing (because usually I’m too lazy to actually wash it) and my little decal that says “Just Keep Running” because you know that’s going somewhere on my car.

Obviously, I had to choose something to test out before my run today.  I opted for the “Bonk Bites”, which apparently is the “world’s best energy bar”.  From my minute experience, I will completely agree.  I may be purchasing some on my own.

Bonk Bites!
Bonk Bites!

According to the website these are actually $18 for 12 bars which is slightly more reasonable than what the Stridebox guide says ($21).  I love these because I know what all the ingredients are (Rice Nectar, Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter [Peanuts, Salt], Honey, Organic Gluten Free Oats, Brown Rice Flour, Strawberry Jam (Strawberries, Fruit Pectin, Cane Syrup), Rice Crisps (Rice Flour, Rice Nectar, Salt), Non-GMO Brown Rice Protein, Flaxseed Meal, Sea Salt.) and therefore, I feel good about eating it.  Not to mention, this little bar packs quite a punch!  I wasn’t hungry after eating it and I had more energy than when I drink a Monster energy drink but without the possible heart palpitations.  It’s also incredibly tasty!

Anyways, this little bar made me pack up all of my dirty clothes (my favorite running shorts and sports bras are dirty; I’d rather not have to use the rejects this week) to go to the laundromat and go out for a kick-ass 7 miler.  The energy, I tell ya.

I still didn’t have a plan besides heading to Delaware Park (which I’ve learned is tolerable from about 5pm-6pm) and putting in some hard work.  On my warm-up mile, I decided to alternate easy miles with hard ones based on effort.  This turned into easy miles of 8:45-9:00 (besides the cool down of 9:10) and hard miles of 7:50, 7:30, and 7:10.  I felt great!  It must have been the Bonk Bites, right?

Avg Pace
Sum. 58:01.0 7.01 8:20
1 8:44.8 1.00 8:45
2 7:50.5 1.00 7:50
3 8:45.8 1.00 8:46
4 7:29.7 1.00 7:30
5 8:50.8 1.00 8:51
6 7:08.6 1.00 7:09
7 9:07.7 1.00 9:08
8 :03.5 0.01 10:34


Granted, this means tomorrow I can’t do the 800m/1200m/1600m track workout I was considering.  I’m actually not sure what I want to do at the track tomorrow, but what else is new.  Maybe 400m repeats?  Or sprint the straightaways and jog the corners?  Share with me your favorite track workouts!

Since I went to the laundromat and didn’t have any immediate food, I tried to get some Nutter Butters out of the vending machine.  They didn’t fall.  (Un)fortunately, Mighty Taco is across the street so I opted for a quick taco — refried beans and cheese with lettuce, tomato, sour cream.  I tried to stay healthy!  I would have made my lasagna still but eating at 10pm is just not a good idea after a run like this one… tomorrow = spinach lasagna rolls.

Now I’m nursing my blistered toes.  How fitting that this happens on the day I receive blister prevention samples in the mail.  Who even gets the same blisters on the same toes, anyways?  I’ve never had blisters on these toes or in this area, ever.  Color me unhappy with this situation.

Poor toesies.
Poor toesies.

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4 thoughts on “Running Presents = Great Runs!”

  1. One of my fave track workouts is a pyramid workout. You run at the top speed you can maintain 1x 400m (rest 1 minute) 2x 400m (rest 1 minute), 3x 400m (rest 1 minute)… then come back down again: 2x 400m (rest 1 minute), 1x 400m, done! It’s tough but somehow seems to get easier as you go on and it always surprises me what pace I’m able to maintain when I do this.

    Good luck!


    1. So is your 2nd set an 800m and then the 3rd is 1200m? I think I’m going to put this one in the bank for next week! This is really similar to my original plan but less distance. I’m just afraid my legs are going to be too shot from the similar type of workout I did today with the quick miles!


  2. Wow that Stride Box looks awesome. I like things like that because I haven’t quite figured out my running nutrition and really like to experiment with different things.

    I get terrible blisters actually…I’m pretty notorious for them in all honesty. They are straight up grimey.


    1. I’m pretty excited about the goodies every month, too! I love trying new nutrition things, but I never want to buy it without knowing… I mean, technically I am buying this but I’m forced into what they give me 😛

      So far everything I’ve tried, I’ve loved. Big issue — I want to buy them!

      And I used to get terrible blisters in my Brooks PureFlow on the tops of my toes. Haven’t had that issue too much with my PureCadence or Newtons… but I have to say, the BandAid brand blister covers are the most amazing thing. They stay on even through like 4 showers… pretty much til you want to take them off.


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