The Last “Long” Run

Yesterday was my last really long run before the half marathon.  I wanted to do a full 13 miles, but it got cut short because I miscalculated the turn around and we were already back at the car where everyone was waiting when I hit 12.3.  Eh, what’re ya gonna do?

James, Blaine, Danny and I met up next to the river and started out pretty leisurely.  It was a perfect morning for running — not a cloud in the sky, sunshine (I hate running overcast, does that make me weird?), hardly any wind, low 60s to start.  Absolutely beautiful.  I’m disappointed I didn’t take a picture!  We all did 5 miles together on the path. (Speaking of — totally impressed with my non-runner boyfriend, who beasted out 5 miles with us and then walked back 4 to the car.  I don’t think he should be calling what he does “jogging” anymore.  At all.)  Then Danny and I took off for the rest of the run while James and Blaine stopped and walked backed back to the car.

This was the first time I’ve run with somebody faster than I am, but he let me lead the pace.  After about the 10th mile I really started to pay attention to the Garmin. It kept showing low 8:xx miles but I wasn’t feeling it.  My slow runs tend to maintain low 9:xx mile pace throughout, but here I was feeling great pulling low 8’s after already running 10 miles?  It had to be too good to be true because I was on pace to beat my last half marathon time, even with running three miles in the 9 minute range.

It was too good to be true.  About a half mile after talking about the great pace, I was taken over by the worst side cramp I’ve had in recent memory.  I should have known better.  I brought fuel with me, but no water.  I figured there would be water fountains or I could just wing it, which isn’t what I’m used to and I paid for it.  As soon as I stopped running it went away but as soon as I started up again, it came back.  I ended up fighting through it until it went away but that’s when we reached the car.

I won’t call the run a flop, though.  I ran most of the miles, proved to myself that running 9:00 miles for that length of distance is still a comfortable pace, and I still feel amazing today.  Last September, I couldn’t even dream of feeling like this after my race at that pace.  I can’t wait to attack the half in three weeks!

My newest purchase!
My newest purchase!

Today, I was supposed to go spinning but I canceled the class last night when we were out just in case.  I woke up feeling fine, but decided it was too nice outside to spend an hour and a half inside a room exercising.  Instead, I bought a mountain bike!  It’s mostly for leisure, but also a nice way of recovery/cross training.  I really wanted to get a hybrid but didn’t want to drop $350 at the minimum… the only reason I wanted the hybrid is because it’s so light and just in case I decide I want to try out a triathlon, at least I’d have something a little more efficient.

I’m so excited to bike places I wanted to run and get the double workout.  I’m also thinking I can bike to work now, too.  I’m less than 2 miles away, why would I not?  (If anyone has ideas on how to balance my coffee on the ride, I’d greatly appreciate it.)

Now that I spent my day purchasing a bike and napping, I’m trying to convince myself to get that shakeout run in.  I just don’t have the motivation.  Maybe some strength training and foam rolling is good enough, right?


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