Sometimes, You Get Handed a Good Run

After the terrible run on Tuesday, I opted to stay in and work upper body yesterday.  I think I needed it because my knee was bothering me a little when I did a jog from my car to my apartment, so it was a wise idea.

Lobster, crab legs, and clams at Viking Lobster Co.

Then I had a glorious seafood feast.  I love restaurant week!  Granted, this wasn’t $20.13 but it was a steal ($39.95!)  The gluten free chocolate cake with cherry drizzle was also fabulous and I rarely like chocolate cake!  There are so many exclamation points in this little paragraph!

Today the world handed me a great run.  I contemplated also doing spinning after my laundry, but eh, I’ve been so exhausted lately it hardly seems worth it to make up for my lack of training this weekend (Toronto, baby!)  I decided I was running 6 miles, thought about miles alternating between easy and hard, but ultimately settled on a warm-up mile followed by 4 at half marathon goal pace (or faster) and a cool-down mile.

Since my super duper goal time for the half marathon is 1:50, I should be running 8:24 minute miles.

Oops, even my warm-up mile was faster than the goal pace.  The 5th mile, I took the hilly route (I felt good, why not challenge myself?) and then the last I forced myself to run slower.  I basically ran on effort because I couldn’t hear my watch beep off the miles after the 2nd one.  I didn’t do all that bad!  Unfortunately I didn’t finish that last .11 as my right knee practically gave our right across from my apartment.

Avg Pace
Summary 49:25.0 5.89 8:27
1 8:19.7 1.00 8:20
2 8:07.0 1.00 8:07
3 7:56.3 1.00 7:56
4 8:23.3 1.00 8:23
5 8:29.0 1.00 8:29
6 8:09.4 0.89 9:12

Yes, my right knee gave me trouble still.  So I stopped.  Cue all the anti-runners who may read this and tell me every variation of “running will kill your knees!” Bah humbug to you, too!  All I have to say is this and this (with additional this’s included!).  And also, I’m doing what I love.  I’d rather get the chance to do something I love while I have the opportunity (before kids, a house, and bigger responsibilities) than worry about “what if my knees hurt!” down the road.

That being said, I should pick up a knee brace for when my knee is giving me issues like it did a few years back (before I started running competitively again, ha!) I should face it now that I’ll probably have arthritis in them when I get older given some less than stellar genetics and the fact that I tried to hop a ditch on a bike when I was really young and never went to the doctor.  (Take your nieces to the doctor when they bust their knees trying to be like their older cousin, by the way.)

Ah, it felt good to get that monkey off my back after the last run I did.  See Brittany, you can have good runs after a bad one!


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