And How Are We Supposed to Run After This…?

I was in training all day and away from news, media, and my phone.  I came back to at least 10 messages from friends and family asking if I heard and promptly telling me that I can never run Boston, no matter how much it means to me.

I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around everything that happened today. I’ve felt sick to my stomach.  I almost didn’t even run today after work.  I didn’t particularly want to, but I knew I had to.  Outside I went, quickly I started to forget about everything that made me upset today and took it out with a fast mile in the middle of my run (totally didn’t want to do that).  It killed the rest of my run, but it was needed to just get a few moments to myself with music and away from all that nonsense.  It didn’t matter how far I went today or what my pace was.  I flipped my Garmin so I couldn’t read it and just ran.

Honestly though, now that I’m back reading and watching the news… how could somebody even do that?

I was a little young to really feel the impact of 9/11 because I didn’t even know what the World Trade Center was.  I didn’t know what that meant other than it was terrible.  I was only 13, but I wasn’t cultured enough to understand the magnificence.  This really hit home.  One of my best friend’s Mom has qualified and run Boston more than a handful of times.  Her entire childhood was spent following her Mom around the United States for marathons.  Her entire family regularly runs Boston.  Not to mention, this is a dream of mine.  It happened today, why not again?  Thankfully, everyone I knew or knew of is safe today.

I loved to hear how everyone came together immediately afterwards, particularly those who just finished rushing to go donate blood.

But I have nothing else.  I’m still speechless.  Speechless and sad.

Boston is such a fabulous run, something to be excited about.  Now there is a huge dark cloud over this day; a day so many people strive to reach and when we should be celebrating.  It’s disgusting to think about what today has turned into.


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