Running Totals as of Today

I’ve never been one to count how many miles I’ve ran in a week, but since coming back from resting my arches and getting insoles I’ve really ramped up the mileage in running.

Total (running) miles in 2013 (first run was January 20th): 109.32

January: 7.85 miles
February: 32.88 miles
March: 35.46 miles
April: 33.13 miles

It’s funny to see that in 10 days of April, I’m already at the same mileage I put in for all of March.  It doesn’t feel as crazy as it looks mostly because of the copious amounts of cross training I did instead.

April 7th – April 13th:17 miles running so far (will be nearly 30 by the end of Saturday).  7 miles of spinning so far (will be about 25 by the end) and 2 miles of rowing.

March 31st – April 6th: 16 miles running, 6 miles rowing, 20 miles spinning

March 24th – 30th: 28 miles running

It feels good to write that down and look at how far I’ve come.  I’m definitely setting record weeks from here on out — I’ve never seen a 30 mile week (let alone even 25 mile week!).  I think I’ll keep this type of record keeping up..


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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