Sometimes Bad Workouts Happen…

And sometimes they aren’t even your fault.

I was signed up for a spin/row/abs class that I’ve taken before and really enjoyed.  Unfortunately, the instructor came down with the flu and the owner of the gym was left scrambling to find somebody to cover.  This happened to be her husband who does not instruct classes unless it’s an emergency.  I hate to say it, but I think I would have rather taken a late cancel and lost the money for a run rather than sticking around for the class.

The 30 minutes of rowing concentrated solely on strokes per minute.  It was a little bit like the CrosSpin classes — just fast paced, not really concentrating on form.  He tried to instruct proper form which thankfully I already know from previous classes, but when you’re trying to get your strokes above 40 for most of the class, your form suffers.  I know mine did.  Then there was the whole thing where we were doing the same stroke rate and the same distance, but given that everyone has different power, we don’t finish at the same time and he didn’t really acknowledge that so not everyone was finishing their full set.

On the bright side, I was able to go hard in spinning afterwards.  I haven’t been on a bike with a working monitor in a couple of weeks so it was nice to see my watts, distance, etc.  Granted, I was warmed up already but my easy/recovery was hovering around 180-200 watts and 90-100 rpms.  It felt great and I’m way stronger than I was a month ago!  I really need to make sure I take at least one spin class each week; I think it’s the main reason I’ve gotten so much faster.

I’m really excited for tomorrow’s interval workout, though.  I’m going to a track for the first time since high school, minus the two weeks I attempted to fit indoor track into my 24 credit college schedule freshman year (clearly, that was impossible).  I’m planning a mile warm-up and cool down with a ladder or pyramid in between.  The options are 800/1600/3200/1600/800 without any rest between, or 1-2 sets of 800/1600/3200 with enough rest in between to get my heart rate down.  I’m aiming for 800 at 5k pace (7:20-7:30/mile), 1600 at 10k pace (7:40-7:50/mile), and 3200 at half marathon goal pace (8:00-8:20/mile).  We’ll see what happens, I think I have a solid kick when I’m tired so it might be more beneficial to do 2 sets of a ladder.

Now, I’m off to shove my face with Chinese food because I think I want to have an unhealthy dinner day!


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