Run for Fun!

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in training for a specific goal and putting so much emphasis on the right workouts at the right time and nothing else.  I’ve been guilty of it lately so it was nice to take an “off” day today to run with good company without any goals or expectations.

I met up with a few friends at Forest Lawn cemetery for an easy, light run somewhere in the 4-6 mile range.  We started off running 12-13 minute miles which was perfect for me to just stretch out my legs after yesterday’s rowing and running.  We all kind of did our own thing after the first mile and met up in the end, which I thought worked pretty nicely.  It was a great day for running and the perfect way to start up a Buffalo Sunday.

The Green Machine
The Green Machine

Afterwards, we headed out for some brunch at a little cafe called Sweet_ness 7.  I could get used to this workout in the morning, get brunch/breakfast after thing, let me tell you.  I ordered a “Green Machine” drink — Kale, dates, kiwi, orange juice, and yogurt with my lunch.  Surprisingly, the kale wasn’t too potent but it did leave you chewing what was stuck to your teeth after you swallowed.  I was not a fan of that.  (I did try to replicate later with spinach, blueberries, and raspberries… but apparently spinach is much more potent than kale.  Yuck.  Now I’m stuck with 64 oz of spinach flavored smoothies.)  Despite kale teeth, I will definitely be back for more brunch another morning.

I’m excited for next week.  I think we’re switching the run to Saturday morning and maybe more people will come.  The plan (well, my plan at least) is to start at Forest Lawn and put in a few miles as a warm-up, then trek towards Kenmore or downtown and make it a 12-miler.  The good thing about running through Forest Lawn first is that anyone who comes can easily cut down another road and finish their loop to their car if they are running less, which isn’t the case when running at Chestnut Ridge.  Sunday I may continue with the hour rowing class or check out this “unconventional” strength training a twitter friend does in a local parking lot with a few other people… it sounds really intimidating but if I can convince my boyfriend later tonight, maybe he’ll check it out with me.

I need this painted somewhere in my apartment.
I need this painted somewhere in my apartment.

Now that April is here, I’m starting to see the end of the half marathon training and get a bit nervous!  I have lofty goals and I really hope I meet them.  If I do 12 next week, the following Saturday is the Envirun 5k (hoping for a huge PR since last summer!), then the following Sunday could go one of two ways — hungover or a test-drive of the entire Buffalo half marathon.  If I’m hungover, I’ll be aiming for the first weekend in May to test-drive the course.  After that, it’s time to wind down and taper… so close, yet so far away.


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