Two-a-Day? Why not?

How can you not run on a beautiful Buffalo day like this?
How can you not run on a day like this?

For the past year, I’ve wanted to be strong enough and motivated enough to regularly incorporate two workouts into my Saturday or Sunday.  Up until today, that wasn’t much of an option.  I think last weekend’s race and this past Thursday’s run gave me some kind of renewed energy and motivation I didn’t have before, which combined with the gorgeous sunshine today… hello rowing and running.

I’m not sure if it was the 11 miles on Thursday or the Pure Cardio Insanity DVD I did yesterday, but my legs were certainly feeling it this morning.  I love the hour long rowing classes with Jordan because he works technique and drills, not strictly rowing for an hour.  Today was all about the pull through, which I totally suck at.  I waste all my energy pushing off the foot board and then I have nothing left to give as my seat goes back.  I think I finally started to get it at the end of class, but my legs were pretty shot so my splits were terrible.  I couldn’t get below 2:00 unless my strokes were over 30, whereas I can usually pull 1:40s with a mid-20 stroke rate.  But, what I’ve learned from a recent article I read in Runners World… not every workout will be the best, but it can still be a win.  I got up and went to a 9am rowing class, finished, and improved my technique.  Not the best splits, but overall that’s easily a win.

This is an easy run after an hour of running?  Well, then.
This is an easy run after an hour of running? Well, then.

I came back for a quick breakfast — lots of coffee, a blueberry bagel, and catching up on TV shows.  When I finally decided to go out for a run, it was still gorgeous out:  completely sunny, just a little wind, low 40s.  I aimlessly ran towards downtown and the waterfront without checking my watch.  It was kind freeing to not know what pace I was at or how far I had already gone.  I saw so many runners and even passed a few — two of which returned smiles.  It’s always nice to pass another runner and exchange smiles.  I always wonder how many miles they’ve run, how much further they have to go, what type of run they are doing, and then if they’re wondering the same thing.

When I finally made it back home I checked my watch and was pretty pumped at what an “easy” run has turned into for me, particularly considering I rowed 7500m this morning already.  I think I’m officially in better shape than I ever was in high school, too.  I don’t want to jump the gun, but I think I might be facing a PR in the Envirun 5k on the 20th.  I’m positive I’ll crush my last 5K time from August since I beat it during the 8k, but maybe I can break 23 for the first time since high school.  Just maybe.


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