2+3+1+3+2: Tempo Run

Apparently WordPress likes to eat my posts on Thursday nights when I’m far too tired to care and rewrite.  Here we go again…

2 mile warm up, 3 miles at half marathon pace, 1 mile jog, 3 miles at half marathon pace, 2 mile cool down
2 mile warm up, 3 miles at half marathon pace, 1 mile jog, 3 miles at half marathon pace, 2 mile cool down

I’ve never been a good tempo runner.  I like to just go.  Intervals I can somewhat do if I use my watch like it’s intended to be used, but those  tempo runs never work out to be what they should be.  But then there was Thursday.

I took a rather light day Wednesday (aka I was too lazy to run and instead did abs which barely left me breaking a sweat).  Good thing, too.  I knew I needed to do some kind of speed workout today, but I was anticipating maybe 5 miles which included some 90 second 5k pace sort of intervals with a minute rest or something.  Instead, I came home to a new Runner’s World magazine which I had to open and glance through while I was peeing (that’s where I read my mail when I get home, weird, I know).

I never do the Runner’s World workouts. I forget about them or they are just too challenging or I don’t have a track near by or I make up some other stupid excuse.  Not today!  This workout caught my eye and I thought it was perfect.  Though, I quickly add the miles in my head and thought how silly I would be to go out and run 11 miles, 6 at tempo.  Me?  Run 11 miles without properly preparing with fuel, etc.?  On a weeknight?  Never happening.

Bam.  It happened and then some.

My half marathon “best case scenario, I will be happy for months” goal is 1:50.  That’s dropping an entire 8 minutes off my first and only half marathon.  I’d have to average 8:24 minute miles (it sounds insane).  I aimed for 8:20 during each mile of the tempo run.  Uhh, just a wee bit fast.




Avg Pace

Summary   1:40:45.0 11.38 8:49
1 9:28.0 1.00 9:28
2 9:07.1 1.00 9:07
3 8:03.3 1.00 8:03
4 8:07.3 1.00 8:07
5 8:05.7 1.00 8:06
6 9:59.3 1.00 9:59
7 8:09.5 1.00 8:10
8 8:12.0 1.00 8:12
9 8:02.1 1.00 8:02
10 10:09.1 1.00 10:09
11 9:41.9 1.00 9:42
12 3:39.4 0.38 9:42

I tried to slow it down when I realized I was too fast, but it didn’t stick.  I didn’t think much of it because I figured there was no way I’d do two sets, but after that in between mile with the quick stretch, I decided I’d at least try it.  Despite 6 of the 11 miles being warm up, recovery, and cool down I was still on pace for the same half marathon finish I had last September.  Maybe 1:50 isn’t as far off as I think?


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