Things I Cannot Do: Rest & Easy

1. Rest
2. Easy

I’m terrible at taking scheduled rest days.  Absolutely awful.  I hate them.  I’m great at taking rest days when I’m on vacation.  I know, I know, rest days are just as (if not more) important than training days when you’re in the swing of things but… it’s just so hard.

Heart Rate Stats from Monday's Run
Heart Rate Stats from Monday’s Run

After Monday’s long run, my boyfriend and I took a “light” run around Delaware Park.  Well, it was supposed to be light.  It sort of turned into a progression run.  Oops.  Then, somehow my heart rate monitor must have gotten whacky because it registered a max heart rate of 195 about 4 minutes into the run.  The whole first 5 minutes of my run is actually kind of crazy now that I look at it.  I definitely didn’t notice it during the run.  Oh and I finaly ran in my Newtons again to try to get a better feel for them.  I could tell by the soreness in my shins after that they are making me run differently, but it’s in a good way!  I love how light (and bright) they are… I feel pretty damn fast in them, I must say.

Avg Pace
Summary 28:18.0 3.16 8:57
1 9:17.0 1.00 9:17
2 8:52.5 1.00 8:52
3 8:45.7 1.00 8:46
4 1:23.4 0.16 8:54

I took Tuesday off as planned, but then Tuesday turned into Wednesday and I opted to take a near 3-hour nap after work instead.  Maybe the extra day off will help my legs for Saturday… it certainly helped today.

Hoyt Lake from the bridge
Hoyt Lake from the bridge

I went out by myself without any expectations other than getting lost in music and feeling good.  I ran a few hilly sections of the city and took a few pictures under the clouds (because as everyone who knows me in real life notices, I like to take pictures of every. single. thing.)  I wore my Newtons again (I like to feel fast) and decided I am in love with them.  Together, we did about 5.5 miles of actual running (the damn Garmin battery died about a tenth of a mile before I wanted to be finished and cool down!) and they were very blissful miles.  I feel like I should thank my sneakers for such an enjoyable run.  I’m getting used to the pad under the forefoot and I almost want to run in them on Saturday.  I’m sure tackling on an extra 4 miles in a new pair of sneakers is the worst idea in the world (or so Runners World and every coach has told me) but… my judgement is sometimes lacking.  I mean, what’s the worst that can happen anyways?  (Do not answer that!)

It's almost warm.  It's almost green.
It’s almost warm. It’s almost green.

Anyways, the run was great.  It’s finally starting to look a little like Spring around Buffalo as much as it can in the end of March here, at least.  My sneakers even got their first mud marks on them… I’m a little sad.  I jumped over every patch of mud, dirt, and puddle as though my life depended on it.  No jump was too big today; I was determined to keep these babies squeaky clean.  But somewhere along the road, I failed.  On the bright side (pun slightly intended), at least they are still neon and I look like I’m actually running in them!

Look closely.  There IS dirt, I swear.
Look closely. There IS dirt, I swear.

Hopefully the next time I write, I’ll be typing a mile a minute about what a great race I had on Saturday and what an awesome time I finished in.  Less than two days!


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