9.5 Miles and an Ice Bath

It's not fun to run on ice when it shouldn't be icy anymore.
It’s not fun to run on ice when it shouldn’t be icy anymore.

There is something awesome about stepping out into the first long run of the season in fabulous weather.  Unfortunately, the trails were iced over still which we discovered after the first 2.5 mile loop, but we took our run to the town roads for a change of pace.  The goal was 8, the actual amount was 9.43.  We also averaged almost a minute faster per mile than we usually do through our hilly long runs.  I couldn’t complain at all with how the run went.

The home stretch!  What's a 200 foot incline anyways?  Of course, I made John stop so I could take a picture.
The home stretch! What’s a 200 foot incline anyways? Of course, I made John stop so I could take a picture.

We kept a pace that was conversational with exception to powering up the hills.  My hip flexors killed and my feet were in pain from the pounding, but my arch was feeling pretty good in the end with those inserts!  It’s the best I’ve felt in over two months on a run.  After walking around this evening however, my arch is a little painful… but the doctor said it could be a tendonitis type of problem, which will not just go away after one run with inserts.  I’ll just have to be sure to give enough rest and ice time.

Speaking of ice time, I rewarded myself with a nice cool ice bath after my hot shower when I got home.  I figured my feet could use it, plus my calves have been (and still are) so tight.  What a great workout weekend between rowing yesterday and the run today.  I’m still aiming for the 1:20 time for next week’s race, which is only 12 minutes off what we did today.  Considering my heart rate remained in zone 3 for the majority of the run, I wasn’t breathless, and we beasted those hills?  I’m feeling pretty confident.  I even just double checked the topography between the two courses and if I’m reading next week’s map correctly, it’s split in 50 feet increments.  My Garmin map is split in 200 feet.  It makes today look much easier, but I actually think they are very similar.  I can’t wait!  The weather is supposed to be even better, too.

I’m so excited to get these next couple of months over with and race the half, though.  I decided (at least this is what I thought of today) after the half marathon Memorial Day weekend, I’m going to continue with running a decently long, slow run every week in different places around Western New York, but I’m not going to train for a goal race.  I’m going to spend the summer running for fun, cross training because I love it, and then racing shorter distances because they take much less of a toll on my body and mind.  Of course, this will all change if I’m really lucky and I win the NYC Marathon lottery… but I think I’d be so excited I wouldn’t care.

I have just one goal to complete by the end of this calendar year after I get a PR in the half (because I’m determined to do so and I won’t accept anything less).  I’m breaking 22 minutes in my 5k.  That was my goal for all of high school and the closest I got was just one race I finished in 22:08.


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