Gettin’ Serious

I think I’ve found the perfect combination of cross training to mix in with my running, of course now that I think I can really start again.

I did an hour of rowing today which kicked my ass more than any of the CrosSpin classes have.  I like the effect rowing has on my legs and upper body for running, so I think I’m going to make this a Saturday ritual instead of 90 minutes of CrosSpin.  Plus, I’m jumping in here and there with my boyfriend’s Insanity workouts so I get enough circuit in as it is.  Then I’ll do a nice hour of spinning sometime during the week.  Long runs on Sunday at the Ridge which gives me both hills and distance.  And now I’ll start with some speed training again.

Yes, yes I am!
Yes, yes I am!

At my quick thinking, my schedule will be something like Monday – Rest, Tuesday – moderate distance/pace, Wednesday – Spinning, Thursday – Speed/Tempo/Interval, Friday – light distance/pace, Saturday – rowing and possible light run in afternoon, Sunday – distance/hills.

I got fitted for some Superfeet insoles at Fleet Feet yesterday and am going back today to buy and get them trimmed to fit my sneakers.  I really hope this does the trick.  I’ll know for certain tomorrow when I head out for 8-9 miles at the Ridge.  I’m planning on making a 3 mile out and back so when I finish 6 miles in the Brooks Cadence, I’ll be back at my car and can slip into my Newton Distance U’s for the 2nd time and put on 2-3 miles in the opposite direction.  I don’t think I’ll be able to do next Saturday’s 9 mile race in the Newtons yet, but we’ll see how I feel.

Topography of Spring Forward Distance Run in Rochester
Topography of Spring Forward Distance Run in Rochester

Speaking of next Saturday’s race – look at this topography!  That’s so much worse than anything I’ve done at the Ridge so far, but I’m really excited for the challenge.  I just hope I don’t get down on whatever time I have, though I’m aiming at 1:20 finish.


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