How Do You Feel About Not Running?

This week I finally got back into working out after a brief hiatus for my vacations.  I did a few short runs, my arch didn’t bother me much, and started classes again (which are becoming a little easy now… yikes!  Time to step it up somehow), I even tested Insanity (plyometrics are killer).

I went to the doctor yesterday regarding my arch — what a waste of time.  She asked what I did and how I remedied it, but didn’t let me finish my story.  Then asks, “Well, how do you feel about not running?”

Are you serious?

I don’t run just because it’s something to do.  I don’t run to stay skinny.  I don’t run to stay fit.  These are all just perks.  I love running.  I love being competitive.  I love setting goals that involve me running against other people, against previous personal bests, and the clock.  I can’t just stop running.  I don’t even comprehend that thought.  Like my friend said, “How do you feel about not being a doctor?”

So she mentioned plantar fasciitis, but I’m skeptical.  My foot doesn’t swell, my heel doesn’t bother me, it only hurts after a hard (really long or really fast) run, nothing bothers me during cross training or at any other points in the day.  She also said she knows nothing about running mechanics, suggested I get a foot x-ray, said some people just “can’t” run because their foot “can’t” handle the pounding, and said I should get fitted for support sneakers (been there; done that).

I got the x-ray today and will get the results tomorrow.  She gave me some sports medicine specialists to see if I choose to go that route if an orthotic insert doesn’t work.  We’ll see where the Newtons, Brooks, and inserts get me but I refuse to just “not run”.

Eight to nine hilly miles this Sunday with John to prep for next week.   Next Saturday is my first race since the Shamrock run — 2 hours away, 9 miles, all hills.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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