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Visiting Darci in Baltimore with Kiera.
Kiera, myself, Darci in Baltimore (post-Saturday’s illness!)

I went on vacation to Baltimore Friday and haven’t run (or worked out) since Wednesday.  I ended up getting a bout of food poisoning that hit me Saturday morning and it has almost worked its way completely out of my system as of today.  Some vacation, huh?  I wouldn’t have worked out regardless of the food poisoning, but it still sucks because I couldn’t do anything today when I got home since I couldn’t eat properly.  Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow me to take a class until next Monday either, but hopefully the hotel has a decent gym and I can make use this weekend.  It was such a good idea to plan two vacations on two consecutive weekends!  So frustrating — injuries, food poisoning, what next?

One good thing about the travel time to and from Baltimore (particularly the 12 hours between two trains and the layover on Thursday) gave me time to finish reading one non-running related book and start a new running-related book!  It might sound silly but I think reading about running, not even instructional type guides, is an important part of training, too.  I used to hate reading anything that wasn’t fiction, but reading about running gave me so much more insight to the sport and my own training.  It’s encouraging, enlightening, and motivating all at the same time.

The Long Run by Matthew Long
The Long Run by Matthew Long

I read The Lola Papers last September and was completely motivated during my half marathon.  I remember looking for a running book when I was in NYC on vacation and I was toying between that and The Long Run, but sided with Amy Marxkor’s book only because she’s a chick and I felt I could relate better.  This time around, I passed by Matt Long’s story and decided that as this was the second time I was checking it out, I should pick it up.

It is a fantastic read, if you haven’t read it.

The gist of the story is Matt Long, a New York City firefighter took up running mostly as a way to impress a girl.  He ended up falling in love with the sport, as well as the competition and began competing in triathlons and set his sights to compete in Hawaii at Kona, not to mention also qualifying for Boston in the NYC Marathon.  His writing style is witty, descriptive, and really pulls you into his story.  I could not put the book away.  His tale twists when he’s literally run over by a bus on his bike ride to meet friends for training and was given 5% chance of survival.  The book is his entire journey through rehabilitation, the struggles along with such a disastrous event, and the achievements he experienced.

If I ever needed to read an inspiring story just to keep me motivated while I’m not able to run, this was it.  Injuries plague almost every running, but if Matt Long can come back from being run over by a bus to become an Ironman once again and still run the NYC marathon — whatever issue is going on with my foot that is preventing me from running right now will not keep me from still running the Buffalo Half Marathon in May.  While I’m still aiming for a PR, there’s always another race if this one doesn’t pan out; I won’t get down about it!

My favorite page from The Long Run.
My favorite page from The Long Run.

Next up: Born to Run!


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