An Injury: I Had It

Remember those kick ass mental miles I was talking about from Sunday?  Funny story about those mental miles…

Monday was to be a nice easy 3-4 mile run.  Piece of cake!  I met up with a new running buddy and we took off at the pace I designated.  (If you ever want to make me happy, tell me I get to set the pace of a run.  It’s music to my ears!)  Within the first tenth of a mile I realized the arch of my left foot hurt.  It was a familiar pain, I recall it happening once or twice when I trained last summer.  I’ll run it off, I thought.

Half mile into the run and the pain is still there.  My stride now has me landing on the outside of my foot.  I whine a little to my partner who tells me maybe we should only run once around the park.

Once around?  Once around?  Once around?  I do not do once around.  I will make it twice, even if it kills me.

After a mile, I started to reconsider that decision.  It was starting to hurt in the bone on top of my foot, I wasn’t running correctly, I had a slight limp.  Then my future runs started flashing before my eyes.  What if it turns into a stress fracture?  What if it swells up?  What if it gets so bad I can’t even cross train?

We went once around.

I felt slightly defeated, but once I got home and started walking around and it continued to hurt I decided it was right to stop.  I was also convinced I should take a “rest” day.  I actually did a spinning/rowing class instead on Tuesday.  For the sake of better safe than sorry, I did a spinning and circuit training course today because I could feel my arch getting a little angry during rowing yesterday.  Tomorrow is snowboarding, so hopefully it remains not so angry and then Friday I can do a nice 4-5 mile run.

Despite not running, my past two worksout have been fabulous!  I brought a USB to class for the bikes and it’s great to track distance, power, RPMs, etc. You know me, I love my spreadsheets and now I can have them for workouts?  Win. Win. Win.

Check out the latest workouts:
Tuesday’s Spin & Row
Wednesday’s Spin
Wednesday’s Circuit Training

It feels great to see how far I’ve come.  Push-ups aren’t a challenge anymore.  I can do upwards of 20 in a row without struggling.  Granted, they are on my knees but it’s better than I used to be able to do.  I should challenge myself next time for some real push-ups.  Burpees also don’t kill me after the first 5 like they did this fall.  I can even beast through 25 burpees with box jumps like they’re nothing.  It’s great to finally see progress and even greater to remember to write about it!


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