Mental Miles

photo 2 (4)
Driving to Chestnut Ridge… it’s a bit snowy!

According to my Accuweather app last night, today’s run was going to occur in what felt like 2 degrees with wind chill.  This is definitely not what I want to read at 1am when I get back from the bar (hey — I managed to behave and have just one drink!), but I was semi-determined to make it for the 9:30 run anyways.  And I did!

I didn’t wear my Yak Trax.  I haven’t tested them out yet; I’m actually a little afraid of them.  Plus, the roads were clear on the way up so I assumed the trails would be as well and my running buddy doesn’t have any.  I figured we could suffer together.  Worst idea ever.

Ready to go.
Ready to go.

Running hills that are actually all ice with about an inch of snow on top is not ideal.  You can’t get any traction, the entire time you’re slipping and going nowhere.  The only place you can get traction is on the grassy portions on either side of the trail, which are actually ruts that are just filled with ice and enough snow so you don’t slip, but they sink under your weight.  Then occasionally, you’ll hit a really nice few meters that lull you into a false sense of security until you totally wipe out, almost spraining your ankle.  Not that I know from today’s experience or anything… And on top of all this, it feels like two degrees, your nose won’t stop running, and the huge snowflakes are in your face and sticking to your eyelashes.

The five miles was totally worth it though, even if it was the hardest run mentally since my half marathon.  Actually, it may physically have been the hardest workout I’ve had yet.  I thought I was good to go because yesterday’s cross training didn’t leave me sore this morning, but my legs were absolutely dead.

The start of the run.
Starting the run, while I still think it’s beautiful and I don’t quite want to die.

It was a great run considering the conditions.  We stopped at the beginning for a potty break and I forgot to start it again so that was about a quarter mile.  Then another quarter mile up hill it was convinced I had stopped and it autopaused on me, I couldn’t get it going.  Then I screwed it up by pushing the lap button.  Oh well.  Essentially today’s run was full of mental miles — got out there in the freezing cold, struggled with traction the entire way, didn’t have anything left to give but managed to find something anyways, and just… did it.

I think I will reward myself: pancakes with turkey bacon inside, a fried egg on top, covered with maple syrup (thanks Food Network for the awful idea), all while watching the Sabres host the Penguins.


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