I’ve only been slacking in the writing department, thankfully.  Last week Sunday, I ran a 5 mile “recovery” run at Chestnut Ridge with a friend.  I say recovery in quotes because Chestnut Ridge is all hills.  Even though the average pace ended up being just over 10 minute miles, the hills are killer!  Plus the 90 minute CrosSpin workout on Saturday did not help one bit.  This weekend holds the same thing: 90 minutes already completed at BikeOrBar and tomorrow — 6 miles at Chestnut Ridge.

Yesterday was my first day that I actually took off.  I was supposed to run an easy 3-4 miles (well, it started as hill repeats but given Sundays at Chestnut Ridge, I didn’t think it was necessary) but I felt so exhausted.  I couldn’t tell if I was just being lazy and didn’t want to do it, or I was actually run down.  Even though I have rest days, they’re only resting because I’m doing something that prevents me from running.  I opted to take a nap in my bed for an hour or so and when I had to get up, it was almost impossible.  By 10:30pm last night, I was ready for bed (again, like every night lately).  But then this morning I woke up wide awake by 8am and felt amazing.  Even after 700 calories burnt in that 90 minute workout, I’m physically tired but I don’t want to nap for once.  I now feel less guilty about not running yesterday, I think I needed it.

This week I did have one really awesome, exciting run.  I ran my first threshold run with the heart rate monitor for intervals.  I’m not sure what to make of it.  As the intervals went on (I had 5 to run), my pace did not need to be as quick in order to keep my heart rate up in zone 5 (as you can see here).  My recovery jog was ridiculously slow so without walking, I couldn’t have gone any slower.  I don’t know if I should consider this attempt a success or not… I should probably read up more on this thing to effectively use it.  I’m stilling aiming for under 1:55 for this half in May!

I’m aiming to actually blog more often now, but we’ll see.  I tend to say that often.


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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