Heart Rate Monitors

My heart rate monitor finally arrived and I’ve used it twice for non-running related activities.  Fortunately, it works.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how to train with it.  Help?

I tested it out during two classes which were 30 minutes of rowing followed by 30 minutes of spinning with two different instructors.  I found it pretty interesting to check on it every once in a while but had no idea what I was looking at other than “Oh, look how quickly my heart is beating!”  I’m a little mad that I didn’t remember to bring it on my only run I’ve done really in the past week (more on that later).

I kind of wish I paid more attention to the meters on the rower so I could have input that information into the workout.  It also would be nice if the spinning bikes tracked distance/pace, but what are you going to do?  I should learn to not worry about all the numbers!

Here is the graph from the first class (which totally kicked my ass):

Heart rate graph from the first class (Tuesday, January 22nd)
Heart rate graph from the first class on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Here is the graph from the second class (wasn’t quite structured in my favorite way, but also contained a little bit of abs):

Heart rate graph from the 2nd class on Saturday, January 26th.
Heart rate graph from the 2nd class on Saturday, January 26th.

In both classes, I maxed out at 183bpm.  That was where I averaged in the bumps in the graph from the first class.  I can’t remember exactly what activity we were doing at that point, but probably 90 seconds or so of rowing as quick as possible.  I can’t wait until it’s not frigid outside (seriously these “Real Feel” temperatures of below 0 degrees F are sucking the life out of me) so I can start running outside without 20 minutes causing intense pain underneath my layers.  It takes about 45 minutes after being outside for 20 for my legs to turn from red to pink.  Not good.

I also purchased a body composition scale.  I needed a scale and figured I’d splurge a little.  I thought I could manually enter the inputs into the Garmin Connect website, but not so much.  My results over the past couple days are pretty interesting, though.  I’m curious to see how they’ll change as I progress into my training — 118lbs, 16% body fat, 61% water mass, 43% muscle, and 5% bone mass is basically what I’ve averaged.  I should be pretty grateful for my body genetics… somehow I lucked out as one of the people who can easily stay the same weight no matter what I eat and it doesn’t take much effort for my abs to show.  Speaking of abs, I already have the outline of a couple sets and I’ve only been taking my classes 3-4x’s a week for a month after that long hiatus.  Where these genetics came from I have no clue, but I’ll take them.

All that being said, we’re getting a heat wave (25-50 degrees!) over the next week so I anticipate spending some time after work at Delaware Park and running around town.  I can’t wait.


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