You Can Call Me a Slacker

That’s me.  Still slacking on the fitness, particularly the running.

It’s gotten cold here in Buffalo, then we had a slight hurricane.  I’ve been shown up by my boyfriend who has taken a beating in the rain to just go running — without any Under Armour!  I know, the thought makes me cringe, too.  Though I have done a couple workout classes at my local gym, including my favorite, circuit training.  I’m still sore enough to have to cancel the free kickboxing class I signed up for today, but I have an excuse (I swear).  Part of the circuit involved flipping sandbags in your arms when you’re squatting, as well as using 10 lbs. kettle bells to work muscles I didn’t even know I had.  It’s totally worth it, though.

After canceling the class today, I decided I was going to run at the local park.  At this point it was almost 5:30pm and dark, but the boyfriend decided to come with me.  I started off around 9:10 minute miles, thinking I’d do a couple laps (about 3.5 miles).  I got a wicked cramp on the 2nd mile and really slowed down, probably close to 10:xx for a little.  I’m not sure what came over me after that, but I turned it momentarily into a progression run.  Splits were as follows: 9:20, 9:35, 9:25, 7:52, 8:29, and cool down for at 10:21.  There’s something fantastic about running in the dark on a wet, cold night and feeling amazing.  To think I almost turned around when it started raining harder and went home instead!

Unfortunately, this blog may come to a halt during November, including the stage race I’m signed up for and the Turkey Trot.  I’m pretty devastated, but nature calls.  Due to Hurricane Sandy, it looks as though I’ll be deployed to the eastern coast to assist those in need for my job.  I’m not complaining, it’s plenty of overtime and almost double pay, but it means missing out on everything I’ve been anticipating this month.  Since I’m planning on that 16 day trip, I’m working to finish up my thesis as best I can before I go (14 days straight of 12 hour days might prohibit me from even thinking about school work), which puts fitness on a bit of a back-burner for now.

Until next time…


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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