Mental Health Hiatus

K-State victory over WVU!

I accidentally took a running “mental health” hiatus.  I got a little busy (or something), I went out too hard one night, and then I spent a weekend in West Virginia watching Kansas State absolutely annihilate West Virginia in football.  It was amazing, but it meant taking almost a week off from running and working out in general.  Don’t worry though — I’m slowly back at it this week.

I took a spinning class the other day and went for a run today in our 77 degree Indian Summer here in Buffalo.  It was beautiful.  I’ve kind of ditched the plan I wrote, it’s a bit of a loose guideline at this point.  I am more so just running to enjoy running right now, I think I was a little burnt out after my half marathon as far as training, but still wanting to compete.

Today I went out because I needed it and it was beautiful outside.  I decided to just go for it and do whatever felt right and comfortable.  My “warm-up” turned out to be a mile in 8:03.  Oops.  It just felt so good.  I stopped and stretched, but bumped a few buttons on the Garmin and ended up setting up the virtual runner.  Oops, again.  From there I ran another couple times around (I think — I kind of lost track!) and ended up with another 4 miles after the first, gradually getting slower towards 9:00 in the last mile.  The entire time I felt like I was really kicking it, my legs were tired, but I couldn’t make myself slow down.  Sometimes I love runs like that.

I took the last mile on the inside gravel path without thinking much about it, but it turns out it’s much more difficult.  It’s not quite a sand type of feel, but close enough.  At one point, I was trying to go up the hill in that mess and my hamstrings and glutes were definitely feeling it.  I considered heading back to the asphalt but why not push myself?  I’m glad I did but I am exhausted now, more than I have been in a while from running.

I can’t believe it’s just about three weeks until my stage race.  I feel as though I’ll never be prepared for it, but I know I’m much better prepared now than I would have been if I attempted it a couple years ago.


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