It Has Arrived!

This week has been absolutely fabulous in all senses of the word.  On Thursday, my sneakers arrived.  Today, my Garmin arrived.  Combined, they are beautiful.

Hello, Garmin! (It needs a good name)
After their first 4 miles of life!

I took my new sneakers out for what was supposed to be a six mile run (one mile warm-up, 4 miles @ 8:46, 1 mile cool-down).  It was freezing outside and extremely windy.  I ended up running about 4 miles (no warm-up, no cool-down) at 8:19 pace.  I didn’t feel all that fast (odd, considering my time) or that tired in the end, but my body was quite unhappy with me from Tight End Tuesday (a spinning/circuit workout at my local gym) and given that my legs were being shoved into a totally different way of running, I didn’t want to push it.  It’s a good thing I didn’t — I’m still sore today.

The sneakers are pretty great, in fact.  I instantly noticed the difference in how my feet hit the pavement and it didn’t bother me that these are a couple ounces heavier than my previous Brooks.  Tomorrow is going to be the second time I’m running in them, hopefully 6-7 miles at Chestnut Ridge again.  Aside from the fact that I now have new sneakers, I’ll also get accurate results (finally) with my Garmin!

Pretty much this has been the most exciting two days for me since running my half marathon and being able to walk the next day.


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