Merry Early Christmas to Me!

I decided I wanted a Garmin before I ran my half marathon, but convinced myself that it would be my treat to myself for finishing and training so hard.  Instead I bought winter running clothes (completely needed for Buffalo winters!), got a massage (wasn’t even worth it), and got new sneakers (the one thing I actually need to continue in this hobby).  I still want that Garmin, but spending over $200 on a watch for running is just absurd, right?

Pretty much every other day I’ve been pricing the different models at different websites and going back and forth with myself.  Some friends tell me I’m nuts, others tell me it’s a good reward for a good hobby.  Today was the last straw.  It’s a one-time purchase and I’m actually starting to take my running more serious than I ever really have in my life.  It still was rough to pull that trigger until I remembered to check one last place: Best Buy.

I don’t have a general credit card in my life.  The thought terrifies me to this day.  I’m fairly certain my JCPenney one has been canceled due to not using it in a few years.  I got a Best Buy one for a laptop and after that, have hardly used it beyond small things for my phone or computer… until today.  The fact that I can put it on my card, help my credit (I mean, I should be using a credit card every so often to prove I can keep credit, right?) and get 0% financing for six months, plus it doesn’t take $250 out of my checking in one full swipe?  How could I not make this purchase?

Garmin Forerunner 410

Hello Garmin Forerunner 410, you will be mine sometime between October 18th and 20th.  Yes!

I just want it to be mine right now.  I want to play with all the features and take it for a run, even if it is freezing outside and pitch black.  I didn’t get the one with the heart rate monitor, but I figure if it’s something I’m interested in, I’ll grab it down the line.  I’m so excited for accurate results and a pacing function!

If you don’t know me, I’m a stats junkie — hockey, work-related, everything.  If you name it, I’ll try to make a spreadsheet for it.  Pretty much this watch is going to make my life… and it might get me addicted to checking my stats nonstop.  I’ll try to avoid that.

Looks like I’ll be frequenting the FedEx page just waiting… and waiting… and waiting.  And it just hit me that this is schedule to arrive potentially the weekend I am in West Virginia for the K-State @ WVU football game.  Crap.


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