Sneaker Fitting and “Trail” Running

I got fitted for the first time ever, yesterday.  It was both exciting and uncomfortable all at the same time.  I hate feet and I especially hate knowing that somebody is looking at my feet, particularly because now they’re pretty much classified as “runners feet”.  Three toenails missing?  It comes with the territory, right? Thankfully, the girl who was fitting me told me that when she runs in Brooks sneakers, she’s just gotten used to losing her toenails as well.  I am not alone!

Just 10-14 days and these babies will be all mine!

As it turns out, I overpronate a bit.  The girl at Fleet Feet suggested a few sneakers and I ended up settling on the Brooks PureCadence.  They’re a little heavier than I would have liked, as compared to the Saucony pair I tried.  I picked the Cadence however because they have a bar right in the middle of of the sneaker to help stabilize and I could instantly feel that everything was aligned in the way it should be as I walked.  Plus they are a little bit sexier than any of the other pairs suggested for me.  The only downside is that I have to wait a couple weeks because they didn’t have a pair in my size.

The plan (after being fitted) was to relax a bit and go out for a light run, in my first attempt at two workouts in a day.  Well, I took spinning a bit too hard in the morning and my hamstrings weren’t happy with me.  My day turned into napping and finishing up the 2nd season of The League, which is okay with me since I made up for it today.

This is actually one of the smaller hills we encountered.

The boy and I took a trip out to Chestnut Ridge Park.  I had 11 miles on the schedule, but given the hills and trails, plus anything longer than 5 miles is his longest run ever… I couldn’t do that to him.  Besides, it was cold, rainy, and all-around awful weather.  I was aiming for an easy paced run, which we accomplished but we tackled some hills and finished with an awesome run (and negative splits!).

We ran 3 miles at this point, already beasted the 120 foot hill, and are ready to get back to a warm car!

Overall, the run was about 5.8 miles (not including warm-up or cool-down) with splits of 9:21, 10:32, 10:27, 9:29, 8:41, and 8:01 (.8 miles).  I took an old route from cross country in high school that I vaguely remember, which includes an awful hill that’s about 120 feet over about probably about .75 of a mile.  It goes up steep for about 300m, then levels off for about 200m, then up steep again for another 300m, until you finally reach the top.  The best thing about reaching the top is knowing that on the way back, you’re running down that.  Unfortunately it doesn’t matter all that much because on the way to that hill, we already ran down enough hills to know the way back was going to be just as tough.

Now that it’s over, it’s taken a good couple of hours to warm back up.  It doesn’t help that our apartment was 61 degrees when we got home, either.  Thankfully, it’s football Sunday and I have a day full of food, drinks, friends, and football ahead of me.  I think it’s deserved!


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