Running is Expensive

The last time I competitively ran I was in high school. In high school, my Mom paid for everything that came along with Cross Country and Track — running sneakers, clothes, race registrations, you name it. Fast forward six years later, I’m living in my apartment, taking care of all my bills, feeding (and spoiling) my dog, and paying for everything running related. Bummer. It’s expensive.

With the turn of the season, I obviously need new running clothes so I don’t freeze. A couple pairs of leggings, a couple pairs of t-shirts, and a couple long sleeved compression and Under Armour style shirts and I’m $250 lighter in my bank account. I still haven’t even bought a new pair of running sneakers, which I’ll undoubtedly need before my next race and I still need really, really want a Garmin.

Speaking of next race, check out my next goal – the Dirt Cheap Stage Race.  Unfortunately, the race is over two days and about an hour and 45 minutes away from my apartment and the nearest hotels are more expensive than a tank of gas, so I’ll be exhausting myself by driving at 6am on both Saturday and Sunday.  A little crazy?  Maybe.  Totally worth it?  I think so.  Who wouldn’t want to spend 24 hours running a 3.1 miles, followed by 5.5 miles, followed by 11 miles through the trails on two crisp November mornings?  It’s a total steal, too, considering it’s just $50 for three races.  That’s almost as good as a Groupon here in the running world.

Now that I have about six weeks to prepare, I’m mostly going to keep up my mileage and do a few Saturday two-a-days, whether it’s two running events or running with cross training.  I’m not sure exactly how I want to train since I’m unsure of what the course is like.  Judging by the times from previous years, it looks like it’s a tough one.  The men’s winner for the 3 mile was in 21 minutes, the women’s winner was 26 minutes.  Sounds like tomorrow after spinning and circuit training, I’ll be creating a training plan and waiting for my new running gear!


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Just a 20-something homegrown Buffalo sports loving, distance running, gin drinking kind of girl.

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